Sulfur Issue #8



William Everson: Two Poems                                                                                               

Ed Sanders: Sappho On East Seventh                                                                                      

Charles Berstein: Dysraphism                                                                                              

Arpine Konyalian-Grenier: Five Poems                                                                            

Geoffrey Young: Life Size                                                                                               

Nina Subin: A Note and Seven Photographs                                                                           

Theodore Enslin: Axes 72                                                                                                

Edmond Jabés: The Book Belongs To The Reader (Tr. by Rosmarie Waldrop)             

Edmond Jabés: Three Poems (Tr. by Keith Waldrop)                                                

Nathaniel Tarn: Dog Viewing Deer: Songs Of Death, Resurrection And The
      Movie Market                                                                                                                    

Dennis Phillips: Three-part Requiem                                                                                      

John Norcross: Three Poems                                                                                               

Martha I. Moia: Some Keys To Alejandra Pizarnik (Tr. by Susan Pensak)                    

Alejandra Pizarnik: Seven Prose Poems (Tr. by  Susan Pensak)                                     

Michel Deguy: Etc (Tr. by Clayton Eshleman)                                                             

John Yau: Speculative Images: The Paintings of David True                                                      

David True: Four Paintings                                                                                                

Jerome Rothenberg: Two Poems                                                                                      

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Crowbar                                                                                       

Gael Turnbull: Sixty-one Entries                                                                                            

Michael Palmer: Two Poems                                                                                              

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Weinberger on The Bomb; Corbett on
      Carruth; Redgrove and Shuttle on Knight; Paz on Han Yu; Clifford on Ethno-
      graphic Polyphony; Kleinzahler on Gordon; Davidson on Yau; Eshleman on
      Bishop; Leonard on Bishop; Eshleman on Perloff; Byrd on Tuumbas #31-41;
      Weinstein on Auster; Berstein on Marr; Butterick on Rodefer; Weinstein on
      Rastafarian Poets; Wakoski on Hejinian; Palmer on Coolidge; Jackson on


Cover Photo: Nina Subin