Sulfur Issue #9



Antonin Artaud: from Notebooks (Editor: Paule Thévenin)                                                 

Antonin Artaud: from SUPPOTS ET SUPPLICIATIONS (Translators:  A. James
      Arnold, Clayton Eshleman, David Rattray, and David Maclagan)                                      

Nancy Spero: from Codex Artaud                                                                                          

Peter Redgrove: Six Poems                                                                                                  

Diane Ward: The Fourth of July is Geography                                                                          

Janet Rodney: Lost in Thought                                                                                                

Susan Howe: Six Poems                                                                                                         

Pierre Joris: German Landscape Revisited                                                                              

R. B. Kitaj: Six Drawings                                                                                                   

David Plante: Paris, 1983                                                                                                    

Sandra Fisher: Two Paintings                                                                                              

John Ashbery: Six Haibun                                                                                                    

Christopher Dewdney: Two Poems                                                                                     

Martha Lifson: Four Poems                                                                                                  

Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Six Poems (Tr. by  Herbert Graf)                               

Lyn Hejinian: from The Guard                                                                                             

Rafael Lorenzo: Two Poems                                                                                          

John Yau: Malcolm Morley's Education                                                                                   

Malcolm Morley: Five Paintings                                                                                             

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews:  Rasula on Vendler; Watten on Byrd;
      Weinberger on a case of AIDS hysteria; Perloff on confrencing; DuPlessis on
      the state of H.D.'s The Gift; Clifford on Segalen; Davidson on Olson; Nakell
      on Keith Waldrop; Rasula on Stein; Chamberlin on Howe; Schelling on
      Daumal; Rasula on Sulfur #8; Burns to Bernstein to Burns                                             

Cover Photo: Kitaj in Paris (charcol drawing by R. B. Kitaj)