The Potomac Recommends
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  • Common Dreams - a comprehensive digest of links to liberal media articles.
  • Cost of War - the cost of the war in Iraq.
  • FactCheck.org - holding politicians accountable.
  • FreePress - who really owns the media?
  • Grassroots.com - news on issues and candidates. Partners and advisers include organizations and individuals from government and business.
  • Lobbyforme.com - provides news of the day and positions of lawmakers on topics and issues.
  • Misleader - Daily Bush Issues
  • MOVE ON.ORG - Devoted to exposing the falsehoods of the Bush Administration.
  • Political Money Line - reports, analysis, and information on many areas of American political money.
  • Politics.com - resource for understanding, following, and enjoying U.S. politics.
  • PoliticsOL.com - information and news related to U.S. politics.
  • PoliticsUS.com - where all politics is local. Campaign ads, press releases, polls, columns and resources about U.S. national and local elections.
  • PollingReport.com - includes results from the latest surveys from leading U.S. polling firms, on politics, business, social issues, news events, sports and entertainment.
  • Public Agenda - nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization devoted to public opinion and citizen education.
  • The Rutherford Report - Rutherford is one concerned citizen who wants the best for his nation.
  • SpeakOut.com - news, background and debate, a forum for participation in chats and debates, online surveys, or signing petitions, and more.
  • Swickey.com - daily quick-read political intelligence report.
  • TalkLeft - crime-related election and political news.
  • ThisNation.com - news digest, historical documents, a glossary, and images of people and places.


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