by Maura Payne Sheehe

all the
cracked concrete walkways turned
to slate
the doors went red
no loud
dogs were left in front yards to dig holes
under chainlink, no Long Fence
plaques (each house award-winning)
now dogs live inside and are walked
no child will be scared on the way to the playground
now children live inside and are walked
to privately held swingsets or events
scheduled between (call ahead) average
naptimes of the guests
can’t burn underthighs on bright slides no more
any more no sirree WARNING: the twisty slide
may cause some static electricity
the shed is a greenhouse 
neighborhood kids can’t mow lawns
with ballroom and Tak Kwon Do
they all go to different schools
even the alleys are quiet & smell
good Super Cans thwart animals!
the strange old ladies have died and
the new ones have law firms
when cement is dislodged
by roots it is replaced so
no one trips or falls. I was
not here
It’s all for the better.

2020 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Ste 443
Washington, DC 20006