The Potomac - Kate Hall
July 2007 - THE POTOMAC

In the living room
   Kate Hall

My hand blossoms behind your back as I kiss you
We are watching "Inside Deep Throat"
I think the man in the movie is waving at me
My mother calls to remind me I am allergic to bees
I think of her pressing down on her husband's arm
until a bruise forms there
I wonder if we will be like that
Once a woman said you were a man who could tame
a hummingbird, that I should invite you into my mouth
like a tooth.
I want to move into your hips, to house myself
in your left ear. I will lie there, a tick or a song,
waiting for some sign the universe is sending you
toward me like a star.

Movies and telephone calls

"prostitutes are anything but easy" you said
we watched "inside deep throat"
you made sandwiches which we ate lying down
when it was over, you asked me how far I could go
it was our second date so I told you I felt uncomfortable
we kissed for awhile and you went to the window
"the star hangs in the sky like a tooth" you said
I stood next to you for as long as I could
you called an ex-girlfriend on the telephone
when it was time to leave, you stood by the front door
the inside of your mouth reminded me
we all come from somewhere


The night they find two women in a man's trunk
I watch "Inside Deep Throat" in my living room
At work the next day, I practice relaxing the muscles
at the back of my mouth
My boss asks me if anything is wrong
I picture what I look like in the mirror of the apartment
where I have been giving happy endings massages
My sister calls to say she found a lump in her right breast
The man I am seeing sends me roses
They are lined like legs with bruises
My next customer pulls out a gun
in the shape of a part of the female anatomy
I imagine my sister's husband going over her
breasts at night, some song
playing on the radio, the men I have loved
gathered at the window like moths
At work the next day, there are holes
in the roses the size of small mouths

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