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Poets and Writers, Readers and Seekers: We've updated our page here to emphasize the new hypermedia, now truly coming into its own as a dynamic and challenging art form. See our links to the right, courtesty of those new media giants, Born Magazine, Poems That Go, Artifacts, and Mr. Jung's Synesthesia.

SynesthesiaSynesthesia raises the new media bar. Precious few hypermedia poetry works display such a perfect blend of visual art and poetry. The first Synesthesia features the kinetic art of its founder. The Jung oeuvre will endure.

ArtifactsDon's nonesuch Artifacts collects edge-honed photography and new media from every provocative source imaginable. You may love it, you may go blind, but you'll never forget it.

Again, we've saved you many days of culling and browser groaning. At the Sol NM Portal you can access the best new FLASH video performances, as well as classic audio recordings. You can have it all--from the existential new media piece of Born Magazine's, "His Father In The Exhaust of Engines," to the more relaxed, literati voices of Atlantic Monthly.

(the latest version of REALPLAYER).

Tired Sex - On the Circuit
Chana Bloch Tired Sex
Daniel Halpern My Eyes Your Eyes
Mark Doty At The Gym
Lorna Dee Cervantes Freeway 280
Marilyn Chin How I Got that Name
Toi Derricotte The Weakness
Ben Johnson His Excuse for Loving
Karl Kirchwey Roman Park, Noon
W.H. Auden On the Circuit
Jigsaw Puzzle in Pregnancy - Invention
Christopher Jane Corkery Jigsaw Puzzle in Pregnancy
Patricia Clark Male/Female
Eavan Boland The Colonists
Alfred Corn Asynchronic
Rita Dove Sunday
Kelly Cherry Field Notes
Nina Cassian Youthing
Erica Funkhouser Woodcock
Debra Bruce Plunder
Billy Collins Invention
My Papa's Waltz - Slim Greer in Hell
Theodore Roethke My Papa's Waltz
Catherine Anderson Womanhood
John Ashbery My Philosophy of Life
John Berryman Dream Song #1
Elizabeth Bishop The Armadillo
Joseph Brodsky A Season (read by Mark Strand)
Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool
Rafael Campo The Distant Moon
Sterling A. Brown Slim Greer in Hell
Homage to My Hips - Parent's Pantoum
Lucille Clifton Homage to My Hips
Patricia Traxler Missoula Winter
Ed Skoog Autobiographical
Carl Phillips This Train
Lynn Emanuel Inventing Father in Las Vegas
Carolyn Forché For the Stranger
Marilyn Hacker For K.J., Leaving and Coming Back
Edward Hirsch In Memorium, Paul Celan
Carolyn Kizer Parents' Pantoum
On The Block, Section I - The Stones
James Merrill On the Block, Section I
(Lamp. Terracotta Base, U.S., ca. 1925)
Robert Lowell The Public Garden
Galway Kinnell After Making Love We Hear Footsteps
J. D. McClatchy Late Night Ode
W. S. Merwin My Friends
Howard Nemerov Long Distance
Mary Maxwell Apotheosis of Delacroix
Etheridge Knight The Idea of Ancestry
Sylvia Plath The Stones

WDS would like to thank Anmarie Trimble, Megan Sapnar, Don Stuefloten, Felix Jung, and Ingrid Ankerson for raising the bar, and for their brilliant artistry and editorship.

Note: the new media below requires Flash 4.0 or 5.0.

Anywhere One of Ingrid's best, a classic from Poems That Go. This guy can't drop her off cause she keeps throwing her clothes out the window. Yeah, Mr. choo-choo!

Bobby Fischer The legendary one who shocked the chess world with his mastery. Watch as ego is replaced with poetry and a true sense of awe. You forgive him for everything. From Synesthesia.

City of Bits: "Most grew out of GETTING HIT on the head by some nut who had stalked her ..." Clever collages of artsy and expertly photographed stills combine with slammesque poetry to create an effect that forces one to see if each new window can possibly top the previous one. A unique gem from Iowa Review Web.

WIRED from PTG: a Quicktime stage in the Outer Limits. This electronic embryo-from-hell has just checked in to see what condition his condition is in.

His Father in the Exhaust of Engines Smith and Stricklin team to produce a tragedy of father, words slurred by engine, fate riveted to the block. From Born Magazine

Telescope Mr. Jung's latest blend of poetry and cosmos: convicts seek north pole while amateur astronomers bemoan the electricity of incarceration.

CAR WASH One of the best Flash performances, by Megan Sapnar from a translation by Robert Pinsky. This one helped cement PTG's reputation!

The Dark Room Some perusable flash ditties collected at Artifacts by none other than D.N. Stuefloten himself.

The Itch You have to scratch for the diverse species, all 'neath the mouse. A technical tour de force from Born Magazine.

The Student Asks the Poet Basho: What Is Victoria's Secret? You'll need Flash 5.0 for this one, but it comes highly recommend by the Most High Mistress of Born, Ms. Trimble.

More Audio

Antonin Artaud, From "Danse du tutuguri". An excerpt from "Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu" (To Have Done with the Judgment of God) Written by Antonin Artaud, performed by Maria Casarès. From the 1947 radiodiffusion française recording, available through sub rosa records. This one is wild!