What is Our Mission?

The purpose of the Block is to assist new and established with poets with getting their work published in good literary magazines, including magazines at WDS. The Block is a place for writers to receive close readings, critiques, reading recommendations, and of course, suggestions for publication venues.

What About Posting Etiquette?

  • All posts are considered drafts and unpublished work.
  • Criticism should be balanced and appropriate to the writer. The writer ought to know what he or she is doing well and not so well. Praise is not as productive as criticism--criticism allows the possibility of growth and change. Our goal is to give and receive crits while remaining considerate and respectful.
  • If you like or dislike a poem or a portion of it, it is more useful to the writer if you point out specific examples rather than make general statements.
  • Socializing and announcements are welcome at the Palaver and Natter board.
  • Abusive and inflammatory behavior is not acceptable.

What Thing Do Block Editors Do?

Editors roam the Block to provide criticism, moderate debate, act as a resource for book, journal, and magazine recommendations, and ultimately, help make your poem publishable. Each editor makes around half a dozen comments per week, minimum.

Note: Work posted on the Block will be considered for the Inter-Board Poetry Competition. A description of the contest and its rules are posted here.