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Sara Berkeley

Was there any reason why pain should reside in the heart? In order to examine the interior of the organ, the origin of her life, her vital energy, her heartsblood, she would, she learned, have to make an incision on the posterior surface of the left auricle from the pulmonary veins on one side to those on the other. The incision would need to be made a little way into the vessels. Then a second incision from the middle of the first, down to the appendix. And there it was.
        - From To Prevent Rust, Weeping, and Bleeding

Sara Berkeley lived in Ireland till she was 22. Since then, she's lived in London and emigrated to America several times. The last time took, and she's now married and lives in Inverness, California as Sara Anthony.

Her publications include, Penn (poetry), Raven Arts Press (Dublin)/Thistledown Press (Saskatchewan), 1986. Home-Movie Nights (poetry), Raven/Thistledown, 1989. The Swimmer in the Deep Blue Dream (stories), Raven/Thistledown 1992. Facts About Water (poetry), Bloodaxe Books (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)/New Island Books (Dublin)/Thistledown, 1994.

Sara is a technical editor and writer for Autodesk, Inc. In her real life, she's working on a novel and trying to figure out how to stop the Inverness deer from eating her lilies. She is personal slave to two cats and would like to live some time in the canyon country of central Utah.

Sara Berkeley, from Blue Tuesday
    When it grew dark,
    He crouched in the dark, fiddling with the dials
    Listening to the voices fade in and out
    Spreading the weather.
    But news on the hour increased the interference
    The hair on his neck rose
    He turned from the news through a snatch of songs,
    Liquorice tunes he once whistled to.
    He rocked and rocked in his white board house
    Head in his knees, casting around for himself.

    It came unexpectedly, like the truth,
    Right at the end - a silence that stilled his hand -
    He passed through every station on earth
    And in the end, face down, head first,
    The hissing silence held him.

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