The Emergency Collective runs a small non-profit press based in New York called Emergency Press. It also publishes an on-line, bi-annual magazine, The Emergency Almanac.

The collective is a group of writers that united in 2001 to bridge what we consider artificial and counterproductive divides in contemporary literature. We don't see significant distinctions between high art and journalism, accessibility and sophistication, physical and metaphysical, or form and content.

Instead, we try to highlight the social relevance of our inquiries through the fusion of such divides. One way we do this is through the hands-on investigation of issues that are on the verge of emerging from the unconscious commonplace into collective emergencies.

We also apply our vision through our democratic publishing practices, by which every member helps to direct the output of the collective, through either collaboration, editing one another's work, judging for the annual Emergency Press book contest, or even by sending other Emergency Almanac reporters 'on assignment'.

Check out the methods of the Emergency Collective to find out how we gather members, who they are, and news about members who are helping to grow our press and magazine.

Emergency Press
533 W. 25th St.
New York NY 10001


Emergency Press is a non-profit small press incorporated in New York. An application for tax-exempt status has been submitted to the IRS.