Fiction from Web del Sol

Air Trance 16

Ben Marcus

IF THE MOTION of wind were to be slowed, as weather is slowed briefly when an animal is born, we would notice a man building and destroying his own house. If we speak to the man through a dense rain, our speech is menaced by the DROWNING METHOD, and we appear to him to be people that are angry and shouting. If my father is the man we are looking at, he will shout back at me, protecting the house with his hand, and his voice will blend with whatever weather he has decided to create in the sky between us to form a small, hard animal, which , once inside me, will take slow, measured strategic bites. The animal's eating project will produce in others the impression that I am kneeling, lying, or fading in an area of total rain, taking shelter behind my upraised hand. Since they will be standing above me, the people will need to request special powers of vision which will be immediately granted, in order that I ap pear in slow, original colors, viewed from any possible perspective, chewing with great care at my own body while the house gets smashed behind me.

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