Short Fictions from Web Del Sol


Bradford Morrow

Like cur, like vermin, like swine and hyena, like louse, like black sheep, like slithery sludge, like skulking in green, like villain and vice, like stinkard, like pill, like hell on wheels, like sine qua non, like raze, like oil, like risk, like truth, like clap and hazard, like church bells burning, like liver on ice, like snarl and toll and sass and fury, like foil, like deals and dregs, like scum and tyrant, like pillage, like the devil, like shrew, like vivid, like a shadow in a hurry, like gasps and jostle, like a snake in the grass, like a needle in the haystack, like eyes and threshing, like frazzle, like bullet, like a beating, like caressing, like lust, like splendor, like honey and rust the serpent's a sinner with a bad rep rap and all he ever wanted was to be liked.

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