Trinity Fields

"Uncommonly moving ... Like
some tragedy ouf of ancient
Greece, Morrow's story is at
once simple and majestic ...
[He] writes with remarkable
grace and vitality."

    - New York Newsday

"Morrow's assiduous probing of
intricacies of moral choice hits
us where we live--or ought to live."

    - NY Times Book Review

Kip and Brice were best friends, born on the same day in 1944 in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the most secret place on earth. Sons of men who engineered the atom bomb, they play macabre games as children, tempting the fate that looms over their closed community. As they come of age in the mid-60s, Brice is drawn into antiwar activism, while Kip disappears into Vietnam and ultimately into the secret war in Laos--leaving Brice to marry Jessica, the woman they both love. Twenty-five years later, Kip returns, a ghost soldier come, perhaps, to reclaim what was lost. A powerful novel about innocence and guilt, atonement and healing, friendship and betrayal, this story maps the landscape of the American soul.

An Excerpt from Trinity Fields

Cover design by Melissa Jacoby
Cover Photo, Rain Broom, by Barbara Va Cleve

ISBN: 0-14-024013-6


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