Jeffrey Little, in the third person, is “a narrative poet, wrapped in a comic book, inside of a smoking beach ball that bounces strangely like Gertrude Stein’s Tiny Buttons. He is the author of three poetry collections, Five & Dime (Rank Stranger Press), The Book of Arcana, and The Hotel Sterno (Spout Press, both), as well as three chapbooks housed at Mudlark.”

Is Nature is as a Sound is as Zero is as the Hook Dog Blues
Biography As In Syntax: The Babble Poems
crayola in arcana

“In 2001, the State of Delaware bunted a Poetry Fellowship his way, which he fielded cleanly and threw to second for the force. His poetry has been published here and there. But not there. Jeffrey is an insomniac, the proud father of two teens, and is the husband of the wonderful painter Karoline Wileczek.”