How to Mudlark

MUDLARK is both noun and verb.

We hope that you will take us up on the "slow read" part of our motto: "Fast load, slow read...." To keep our "fast load" promise, we have paid our "passionate attention" (Auden) to words not images. The poem's the thing. Once you have begun to MUDLARK we want to give you reason to stay with us awhile. Take your time.

Take ours. Let us hear back from you. This is an interactive medium. All you have to do is activate the e-mail link,, on MUDLARK'S home page.

There are no tricks when it comes to MUDLARKING. The moves you have to make to find your way around are intuitive enough.

MUDLARK publishes in three formats: "issues" of MUDLARK are the electronic equivalent of print chapbooks; "posters" are the electronic equivalent of print broadsides; and "flash" poems are poems that have news in them, poems that feel like current events.

MUDLARK issues, all of them, are listed and linked on its home page. The current MUDLARK poster and flash are too. For a complete listing activate the links to MUDLARK "Posters" and "Flash Poems."

You can save whole issues of MUDLARK to disk at once and preserve the HTML formatting either by activating the title links on the contents pages or by choosing (if it is available) the "scroll" rather than the "page" option.

In MUDLARK Posters and Flash Poems the featured author's work is just one file. You can save that file to disk, if you like, and preserve the HTML formatting.

Activate the E-Notes and A-Notes links on MUDLARK'S home page and you will find the Editor's Notes and Authors' Notes respectively. "Links, Lists, Mirrors, Archives," the link with the longest name, is self-explanatory.

You will notice that MUDLARK does have an ISSN (1081-3500) from the Library of Congress. Its copyright © is registered there too.