Mudlark No. 58 (2015)

Saturday Afternoon at the Midland Theatre
in Newark, Ohio | Poems by Roy Bentley


The following poems have appeared previously in these quarterlies or literary magazines:

American Literary Review: “Famous Blue Raincoat“
Atticus Review: “Robert Plant Holding a Dove that Flew into His Hands, Circa 1973”
Blackbird: “On the Difficulty of Pumping High-octane Gasoline into a ’39 Buick Century
      without Spilling a Drop”
Cold Mountain Review: “The Burden of Being the White-hatted Man”
Florida English: ”The Dark Knight, On His Day Off”
Free State Review: “God’s Circus at Its Wintering Grounds in Florida”
      and “When Billie Holiday Sings about Southern Trees”
Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics: “The Fate of the Saints”
The Laurel Review: “A Philosophy of Florida”
Magnolia: a Florida Journal of Literary & Fine Arts: “The Last Man on Earth Takes a Walk
      Jupiter, Florida” and “Dixie Highway”
North American Review: “A Bag of Ears,” “Woman and Alligator,” and “Puberty”
Rattle: “Ringo Starr Answers Questions on Larry King Live about the Death of George Harrison”
Shenandoah: “Nosferatu in Florida”
The Southern Review: “Saturday Afternoon at the Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio”
Spoon River Poetry Review: “Hellhound”

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs for an individual artist fellowship awarded during the writing of this chapbook. Also, “Famous Blue Raincoat” won 1st place in the American Literary Review poetry contest for 2008.

Several of the poems included appeared previously in Starlight Taxi (Lynx House, 2013).

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