Spring/Summer: The Literary Complex

North American Review debuts on the WWW. Why? Cause NAR is our friend, and friends don't let friends read junk: Water's New Age, Coffey, What Becomes Debris, Kopacz and Godhead at 12, Three Prose Poems. NAR: since 1815.

The Prose Poem From the best source of prose poetry, new works by Kim Addonizio, Nin Andrews, Robert Clinton, Russell Edson, Paol Keineg, David Lazar, Dionisio D. Martinez, and Michael Martone.

The Literary Review It was Granny that put the jinx on my brother ... Web Issue V. Jim Neveu, Gregory Duyck's The Story of Her Life, Wendy Bishop, Catherine Scherer, and others.

NEW SOL, MAIN SOL, MAIN SOL, highlights and provocations for this issue include The Transphysical City, Sven Birkerts, Pussy--King of Pirates, Ghost Image, Gish Jen, Stalking the UFO Meme, What Becomes Debris, Martin Heidegger, Hayden Carruth, Chinua Achebe, Radio Free Alice, Mirror Fugue Gas Money, The Slut, Seven Famous Old Men, Shh! I'm Talking to My Body Now ...

Global City Review The Slut, Shh! I'm Talking to My Body Now, The History of Misogyny, Ugly, Cacti and Succulents ... The voices in Global City Review's Fall 1996 issue, Fish Out of Water, tell of our sense of displacement in situations that threaten identity, how we adapt and how we don't, and at what price either.

Robert Hill Long, AWP, and Web Del Sol are in the process of bringing to the WWW a Creative Writer Series designed to give students in creative writing programs across the country a chance to be webpublished. It's gonna be fun, and should happen soon. Please link above for guidelines and info.

New literary AUDIO this issue: provocative, deep, rare: Derek Walcott, Robert Pinsky, Hep C Creeping, Recalling All Active Agents, We Got Here Yesterday, Dance around in yr bones, Little Canticles of Asturias ... This will be an overdoese till next issue. Comments on audio sources welcome.

Alsop Review

Conjunctions: The names are legion, the artwork bleeding edge. Who are we talking about? Achebe, Berssenbrugge, Guy Davenport, William H. Gass, Susan Howe, Kelly, Lauterbach, Marcus, and of course, Morrow, for starters. As far as new and innovative writing goes, nothing can sur- pass the quality of Conjunctions. Check out their in-your-mind website. Sublime.

So Carlo Parcelli says, "But not all academic poets exploit the moderns for personal gain. There is the ubiquitous school of ‘perfesser’ poets variously known as the ‘Lawn Mower Poets’, the ‘Simpering Sonneteers’ or the ‘I-I-ME-ME-I-ME Advanced School of Navel Studies.’ Their only referent is his or her upper-middle class sentimentalized "personal crisis" . . . Who does this guy think he is??? Welcome to the frontier where the arts and politics clash. Sometimes a lively street market, sometimes a no-man's-land. (But a no-man's land is always teeming with voracious life.) This is the zone of disturbances FlashPøint illuminates.

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AGNI, The Vedic God of Fire and Guardian of Humankind brings you, as usual, a superb collection of literary artists. In this new issue you'll find Jill McCorkle, Hayden Carruth, Susanna Kaysen, and Chinua Achebe, among others.

Zyzzyva THE LAST WORD: West Coast writers and artists: Mirosevich, Ansel, Farrington, As the World Turns, Living on Holy Ground, Passages from India, Orman Day. Zyzzyva features a special "First Time in Print" series to give unpublished writers a role in collapsing the old literary skeleton.

PBQness in the form of All-Night Hitchhike by Gary Fincke, Gontarek, Tioughnioga River Bottom, Kort and Chitwood, and Talk, Talk, Talk. The lovely, witty, chic and cheeky editors at PBQ do not limit the publication in terms of voice, school, or genre. My God, I'm in love with all three!

Voilá! Sol guys and dolls: Bradford Morrow, editor of Conjunctions and a patron saint of WDSol, has a new novel out called Giovanni's Gift. The Big Apple is all abuzz around the watercooler!

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