The Prose Poem

Rosmarie Waldrop


When the medulla oblongata is pricked, or in any other way irritated, the white furious sun high in a state of tension. Shed her clothes and inexplicably married. Caught in the fact. The first representations of Amerindians showed naked men and women gnawing on a human leg with equal opportunity. Her husband avoided looking directly into her face.

While nervous power is necessary to muscular motion the sun cannot be replaced by logic. Hence the inhabitants of New England have never made friends without blinds drawn. Solitary muscles, such as the sphincter, are always contracted. The Indians stood between quotation marks. While an oblique ray of sunlight penetrates a silk blouse the stimulus is shown as consistent. In all his life, he had seen nothing that so delighted his parts.

Likewise, a quick thrust on the toe-pad excites language and a shade too sure of herself. Subcutaneous itch. To fight it out in whispers, in degrees Fahrenheit. Desire flaked off the shoulder of the highway, by way of blaming the sun. To introduce difference into the all-or-nothing theory, the women wore no covering other than a narrow cloth over their privates. A heavy penetrating odor caught on the person of her husband.

The sun's influence on nerves, though in small quantities, the angle of incidence sealing cooperation and paraphrase. As nature intended, there was hair on the rest of his body. In the upper half of the picture, the condition of sight itself. The longer the Indians stood in the sun, the more it turned their eyes back into their body. This was before she knew she was pregnant.