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Web Issue IV

Editor's Note: We're back, at last, and with a new selection of work (and even commentaries) from some of our favorite contributors including Nin Andrews, Greg Boyd, and Larry Levis. Our design is new, simpler and more revealing, we hope. Please review our archives to the right. We've selected work from TPP issues going back to 1997.

That UFO That Picked on Us
Cecil Helman

Edouard's Nose
Greg Boyd

The Blue Whale
P. H. Liotta

Heavenly Bodies
Maxine Chernoff

The Music
Chard de Niord

Ray Gonzalez

Spontaneous Breasts
Nin Andrews

The Rubbing
Jennifer L. Holley

Toad, Hog, Assassin, Mirror
Larry Levis

Blood Somewhere
Jane Lunin Perel

Editorial Board

Editor: Peter Johnson

Assistant Editors: Brian Johnson and Karen Klingon

Contributing Editors: Robert Bly, Russell Edson, David Ignatow, Sibyl James, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Charles Simic

Web Fellow: Mike Neff

Manuscript Requirements

Manuscripts are considered only from Dec. 1 to March 1, and reading will not resume until Dec. 1 of 2001. Please send no more than 3-5 poems, an SASE, and also include a two-sentence biographical note. Please don't send verse poems. Although we don't want to say that we can define "prose poetry," we do expect our contributors to at least know the difference between verse and prose poetry, so that they don't waste their time and postage. We don't read simultaneous submissions or e-mail submissions. We do respond within three months, though, and you can expect to see your work in print within six months of acceptance. Also, if we publish an anthology we reserve the right to reprint your published poem in it; we also reserve the right to publish it on our web page. No photographs or art work wanted, and book reviews are assigned by the editor, though feel free to query. Editorial address is: The Prose Poem: An International Journal, English Department, Providence College, Providence, RI 02918.

Subscription Information

The Prose Poem: An International Journal is published annually. Subscriptions are: $12 for two years; $8 for one year. Please make checks payable to Providence College. Send check to The Prose Poem: An International Journal, english department, Providence College, Providence, RI 02918.

     "Which one of us, in his moments of ambition, has not dreamed of a miracle of poetic prose, musical without rhythm and without rhyme, supple enough and rugged enough to adapt itself to the lyrical impulses of the soul, the undulations of reverie, the jibes of conscience?"

      --Charles Baudelaire
     "How fortunate is the world that it does not depend on my will. How fortunate am I that you keep watering the stem of our love, even when it withers, even when it has nothing to give."

      -- Ruth Behar
     "The winter her body no longer fit, walking felt like swimming in blue jeans and a flannel shirt. Everything stuck to her skin: gum wrappers, Band-Aids, leaves. How she envied the other girls, especially the kind who turned into birds. They were the ones boys hand-tamed, training them to eat crumbs from their palms or sing on cue."

      -- Nin Andrews

From the Archives
of The Prose Poem

from Noir
Fred Muratori

My Blue Heaven
Max Winter

Toni Olofsson

A Piece of Black Coal Found Under a Tree
Robert Bly

Jay Meek

Mary Koncel

Thursday Afternoon: Life is Sweet
Holly Iglesias

Night Fishing
Nin Andrews

Pslam for Fay
Philip Dacey

Black Box
David Lazar

Paol Keineg

Nin Andrews

The Prodigal Son: Amnesty
Dionisio D. Martinez

Robert Clinton

The Goldilocks Compulsion
Russell Edson

A Village
Michael Martone

The Body
Gabriela Mistral

Trivial Pursuit
Charles H. Webb

Robert Perchan

Against the Evidence
A Book Review

Dear Shahid,
Agha Shahid Ali

The Obsession
Nin Andrews

Warning to the Reader
Robert Bly

The Accident
John Bradley

In this moment ...
Ales Debeljak

Alphabet Soup
Stuart Dybek

Russell Edson

The Way We Live
Elke Erb

The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder
Lawrence Fixel

David Ignatow

October Lambs
Sybil James

Louis Jenkins

Self-Portrait (Kneeling)
Brian Johnson

After the Weather
Mary A. Koncel

Light Singing Before the Earth
Gian Lombardo

Doing Hatha Yoga
Robert Hill Long

The Mussorgsky Question
Morton Marcus

Leaving the Roadside Motel
Jay Meek

La Feria
Naomi Shihab Nye

Robert Perchan

Theseus and Ariadne
Charles Simic

War Mice
Goran Simic

Letter From the Cabin
Mark Vinz

Rosmarie Waldrop

The Riddle of the Sphinx
Peter Wortsman

Book Review of Russell Edson's The Tunnel: Selected Poems
Morton Marcus

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