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Michael Brodsky, a favorite son of Sol, and a brilliant writer who surpasses Pynchon and Beckett, has just finished his new novel entitled "We Can Report Them" available from Four Walls Eight Windows. Publisher's Weekly calls Michael, a "master of both technique and language." This is definitely an understatement -- The Editor.

Knopf and WDS Join for NPM

Give yourself a present every day throughout the glorious month of April: Receive free by email a Poem-a-Day from such great poets as Sapphire, Sharon Olds, Mark Strand, Langston Hughes, and Kenneth Koch. Sign up now at the Knopf Poetry Center. WDS and Knopf are joining to publicize National Poetry Month!

New Engine Feast

As requested, and in an effort to better service our writers and researchers, WDS has boosted and look-improved the Moveable Engine Feast page. It now features a fast News Search (courtesy of Yahoo), a Britannica search, Google search, plus a convenient hypertext dictionary and thesaurus. The classic engines remain, including Metacrawler, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, and Infoseek. If you can't find it here, you can't find it!

The Inspired Polemics of B 99

SUNY/Buffalo Poetics Listserv, the Internet's largest poetry discussion group, is in upheaval again! Accusations of censorship, member's ravings filtered, and ungodlike mutterance on the part of Charles Bernstein and other admins of the list. Kent Johnson, a member of the resistance, takes to task the "enemies of free speech" at the listserv, griddling them in this issue of FlashPoint. Can what Kent says be true? And if so, is it worth knowing at all? Or is it as the Buffalo Poetics list administrator notes: "an empty rhetoric of "free speech" so twisted as to support the grossest domination ..." FlashPoint is at the center of controversy, and that's how they like it.

Nikuko, Jazz, and Infoanimism

KSDS, Jazz 88, is now available for high culture background as you partake of our new and improved blurb column on the right. We've added some real tour de force hypertextura and a few of William Logan's best crits! If you haven't already, sample the indie film sites and don't forget to subscribe to ELAN, our newletter of the gods.

Kneeling Before Dead Lines

EP editor and nonesuch poet, Joan Houlihan, inaugurates her provocative new column, The Boston Comment, by boldly facing off with the ever growing dull-prose-into-poetry movement. Line after insipid line gets typed and dubbed poetry with repeated strikes of return key. What can account for the phenomena? Press dazed poets? Ego manic delusion? Attacks of chronic fatigue syndrome? A compulsion to delete old notebook scraps? We're not sure. But together with Joan, we're protesting!

Coop Slashing With Rain and Sol

The feisty Coop cools off very little to discuss, "Ibrahim Ferrer and the Sound that is Music." Noting that Robert Frost argued for the primacy of sound in poetry, Coop procedes to make the case that the actual sound produced by chords, tongue, etc., is often irrelevant as long as poetic devices exist. Also, "No matter how important the sound of a verse is, that sound, the music of a poem, can never be isolated from the other elements that make up good verse."

Rain and Sol reviews "The Tablets" by Armand Schwerner. The reviewer, Eric Forberer notes, "... a stunning long poem that purports to present translations and commentary of a series of 4,000 year old hieroglyphic texts." And further, from Tablet V: "... is his mighty penis fifty times a fly's wing? what pleasure! does his penis vibrate like a fly's wing? what terrific pleasure!" Leave the swatter at home!

Artsy New International Lit From TLR

"She walked in briskly, so that I saw her easily from the corner of my eye. I planted my hand on the woman's thigh. I don't know why. I touched her warm nylon stocking, right where her skirt ended and her leg showed. Briefly, but long enough. Gina saw." Read the new issue of TLR to see what else Gina saw. Including, "Phases of The Moon," "Beatrice, the Sacrifice," and "Still Wearing a Sizeable Hangover."

Wrestling with the Frog Woman

5Trope A woman with eyebrows and an appropriate mole 5Trope was wrestling with a frogwoman 5Trope there are phallic astral projections, a cosmic looping, animals without backbones 5Trope to convey the point, shape the broccoli into a pyramid. 5Trope The book is my only reminder that I cannot take care of this man, this extraordinary accident, this mess.

A Poignant Display, Desire Notebooks

The Desire Notebooks, a trilogy of novellas by John High gets a new review here by Lisa Bourbeau. To quote Lisa, "Set against the brutality of a time when "Our countries are dissolving, the way paper dissolves," this is a book in which desire reveals its trembling over and over, acknowledging a physical as well as a spiritual body in the wake of earthly collisions: the collision between restraint and passion, between idea and form, between life and death.

Quarterly West, Painted Bride Quarterly, New England Review, and Ploughshares hit the lit deck running with new issues--it doesn't get better than this. And while your at it, peruse the Bowling Green CWP website for new student writing plus the always ambitious Mid American Review.

Chaps Ahoy! WDS is proud to present mini-chaps by two of our favorite literary nomenklatura, Daryl Scroggins and Anthony Lombardy.

An active daughter of Sol, Ruth Daigon, has a new book out and here's the review. Read carefully and unleash the power of credit.

Perihelion Performs a Phoenix

What we have here is an ambitious and strikingly original online magazine with a cybersoap opera history second to none. Despite its tragic past (or maybe because of it--write editor for details), Perihelion has risen brighter than ever with features, reviews, and poetry by eleven of San Francisco's best. Thanks to the considerable talent and skill of editor Joan Houlihan, and our peerless contributing editor, Ruth Daigon, Perihelion lives again with "Stalking the Wild Ashbery" by Robert Sward (click the emoticon), and Mr. Sward's first in an upcoming series on "Writer's Friendships and Enmities" featuring Raymond Carver and Susan Hubbard; an essay on the relationship of poetry and music, by Ruth Daigon; and an interview with San Francisco poet, Kathleen Lynch. Once you've seen and read Perihelion, you'll share our enthusiam, we're certain.

Bob and The Schooner

"Literary Magazine Review" says: "Prairie Schooner rolls along, avoiding the quagmires of fads and schisms, steadfastly defining the American idiom." Now they've set up shop at WDS (not as if we've been begging Hilda and Ladette for years!). Short stories and essays from Prairie Schooner are consistently republished in Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, and Pushcart Prize anthologies.

Robert Sward, a favorite son of Sol, makes news with a new minichap, entitled, "Sex & TV with Aunt Miriam -- 1945." Bob is not only a Guggenheim winner, but he writes a Pacific jamboree of poetry which includes Fashion Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, L.A.Daughter, and Uncle Dog. They're all here, and more. Whoaa, Bob!


Thanks to the ACLU, WDS, and other plaintiffs, a preliminary injunction was leveled against enforcement or threatened enforcement of 1999 PA 33, Michigan's net censorship act--a law which would have placed all publishers in potential legal jeopardy. This means that the "law" will not go into effect, and that the State of Michigan may not enforce it until the lawsuit is concluded. The Judge agreed with us on all of our arguments that the law is unconstitutional. A copy of the decision is available at this address.

Access, Britannica, Netscape

  The awards won't stop coming! Britannica just selected WDS a Best of Web for its Britannica Internet Guide, and the following day we were designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory for Contemporary Poetry. It's getting harder and harder to be humble.

Also, a few months ago your favorite Sol spot was also selected by Access Magazine--a Sunday news supplement which goes to millions of readers--to be in their Top 100 website listing. We've been phoned by banner ad salesmen ever since. Regardless, the top three literary 4 stars were WDS, Salon, and Slate (the latter two having enormous budgets and well paid staff). Next came Atlantic Unbound, only 3 stars!, and MoJo Wire (Mother Jones) with two. This is the best news since Yahoo giffed us with the coveted sunglasses. Not bad for an organization which receives no grants, sells no advertising, and is composed solely of volunteers. We're still crowing!

The Wicked Rambler and Ms. Hubbard

The CyberRambler sheds precipitation on the Cortland Review parade--a once highly regarded webzine, now found wanting in some respects. Whether or not you speedbump on this one, you'll admit the criticisms are provocative and often painfully humorous simply because they ring so true. This one in particular will result in considerable inflammation: "The Cortland Review is all about getting the unleavened poem to rise, against all odds, without the poetic yeast. It does this through a painstaking celebration of poet as celebrity, and by the creation of a kind of I'm Okay You're Okay ambience. It is an approach oddly-or perhaps not so oddly- reminiscent of People magazine." Whoaa, remind me never to make the Rambler angry!

A well respected fiction writer with a new collection out, Susan Hubbard, locates her electronic mini-chap at WDS, and we're glad she did. Sample from three of the classics that are helping to make her reputation: "An Accident of Desire", "An Introduction to Philosophy", and "Why I Have to Marry the Pool Guy."

Ne Plus Ultra Newsletter

Years later we've finally gotten around to publishing a monthly newsletter, the Electronic Literary Arts Newsletter (ELAN) to be exact, and it's a hit. ELAN editor, Liana Scalettar, demonstrates how ingeniously you can amuse and provoke while faithfully delivering the latest news on the contemporary literary arts scene. The ELAN pulls no punches and dares to be unique. Take time to add your email to the sub form below. Sample an issue!


Add your email here to subscribe to the monthly Electronic Literary Arts Newsletter (ELAN). Pub, film, writer news, blurbs, bytes, and provocations:

Web Del Sol as Portal: discovering the best of the literary, hypertext, and indie web, so you don't have to! So crank the Jazz 88 out of San Diego and peruse the blurbs. Life is not a bitch if bandwidth is cheap.

Gravity 31 (EROTICA) is online, featuring reviews, cartoons, local notes and a Snoopy eulogy! Where else but Gravity?

Nikuko runs like blood in him (Doc Leopold, i.e., his semen spent). You need Flash Player plug-in for this one, but it's worth it. Alan Sondheim and Barry Smylie's "broken" is a tour de force of effects, kinda artsy too.

This new hypertexturesque ditty includes lots of facial expressions that link to provocative narra-tives: Pre/post-erous: La Jetée ciné-roman explores ciné-roman and La Jetée, a film based on time travel ... I think. See what you think.

From Infoanimism:"Poets are familiar with the odd feeling of seeing their poems in type, particularly in something as apparently external as a book or magazine; it's as though a part of themselves had somehow been transferred by machines to the external and other. There they are, our silent running soul devices."

If you can zap the annoying Angelfire window quickly enough, you'll discover some decent magic realism at Margin. The eyeball journeys and water-god tales of Katherine Vaz are worth a looksee.

M.D. Coverley's "Endless Suburbs" is not only endless but it page turns in quicktime. Definitely hypertext contest material.

Self-Portrait as Child with Father by Ed Falco contains a confession by Ed--something to do with sliding under piles of clothes beside overweight washing machines. Worth an analysis.

Is William Logan the best reality check on bad poetry we have? We'll let you decide. Poetry International has just published an essay by Steve Kowit entitled, "The Mystique of The Difficult Poem" which exposes the religion of inco- herence, along with its various demigods.

Here we've culled from New Criterion, some of Logan's best. Feel free to share your opinions with us. You'll take delight, or be offended. There is no inbetween. While you're at it, check out his new book, Reputations of The Tongue

  •  No Mercy, on Sharon Olds' skin problems and sex life.

  •  Old guys, on recent books by Charles Simic, A. R. Ammons, Robert Hass, C. K. Williams, Joseph Brodsky & Anthony Hecht.

  •  Hardscrabble country, on recent books by Charles Wright, Michael Lind, Mary Oliver, Robert Bly, Les Murray & Edgar Bowers.

  •  Berryman at Shakespeare A review of Berryman’s Shakespeare, edited by John Haffenden.

  •  Vanity Fair If democracy is the worship of idols, can poetry be far behind? A review of "On the Bus with Rosa Parks" by Rita Dove, "Midnight Salvage: Poems 1995-1998" by Adrienne Rich, "The Lost Land" by Eavan Boland, "Vita Nova" by Louise Glück, "Wooroloo" by Frieda Hughes, "A Kiss in Space" by Mary Jo Salter & "Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse" by Anne Carson.

    What a class act from Barcelona Review! Sample here from their roundtable of six Catalan poets waxing eloquent at the bistrot El Salon. "An American Foray into Catalan Poetry" by Amanda Schoenberg. Lots of pics and atmosphere. AND while you're there, breeze into the visual poetry of Xavier Canals, rare mouseplay possible.

    SPLICED - Development News Mr. Blackwelder reproduces a list of rumors, buzz, and news about films in development.

    Hypertextural 25 Ways to Close a Photograph by Tim McLaughlin from NWHQ. Make sure you don't miss the photo with all the jazz age men-heads that you can click on.

    Peruse the unique essays of "Terrain, A journal of the Built and Natural Environments". Learn there is little difference between cosmos invading malignant spirits and white men. Guest Editorial by Carla Rae Brings Plenty, InterTribal Bison Cooperative.

    Always Independent Films warehouses a unique collection of film trailers and info at their website. Student films are collected here with sidebar links to feature films, short films, documentaries, digital, and animations. Have fun and browse.

    SAMPLERS: Nine Vicious Little Hypertexts I count more than nine, what the hell. Includes such raveables as "Notes Towards Absolute Zero" by McLaughlin, Deena Larson work, "Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse" and more. It's a good place to start with HT.

    Davie and Jackie's From Script 2 Screen provides you with a daily "clip" of provocative film news, front page, and a "New and Hot" link fest including a film discussion bbs. Whoaaa!

    Authors on the Highway from Bookwire gives you a chance to search by city, title, bookstore, author, etc. where and when your favorites will be hitting town. Worth a looksee from time to time.

    We lost touch with Enterzone for a while then rediscovered it recently, and ZOWOWZA what a find! Sample here from a nose-bagging Serbian hypertext piece, DAMASCENE, A Tale For Computers and Compasses You haven't seen the like before. Also, gawk favorably if you will upon a very short little story art piece, Very Short Stories 14.

    Ain't It Cool News Page Harry Knowles' super site for insider "gossip" within the industry and bites about upcoming films and projects in development.

    Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot: Image and text really do enhance each other in this ballad tale of love gone wrong between the enigmatic Sand (she of silicon-based liveliness), and Soot (a carbon based life form, biochemical ugh, man of flesh, soot, and mood, a person thing-person). Alas, I can grok with soot boy.

    Done Deal: A current list of the latest industry script sales.

    SCREAMING in the Celluloid Jungle's film industry news. Plus all manner of other madness.

    After Emmett: & multimedia visual poetry energy on the Net.

    Background jazz on sol menu page WDS entitled Moorea and courtesy of Wade Culbreath at the Virtual Jazz Album site. Please sample other works by Wade at the VJA--an impressive and unique collection.


    Check out the latest news from UPI, AP, Reuters, and SNS while at WDS:

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