to 5

    on the 5ives




There is no breathing
of course, you can sit  
the army has already
been here wind  
has come and gone they
have left a souvenir 
i put it all in the letter 
time passed briskly
which slows everything  
down inserted between
two points in the  
mind weeded quickly
wanders unaided easy
& natural muffled
putative singing 
surface disunity nervous
if mock surprise systems match 
point of exalted thing offering
salvation lacking philosophical suffocation in  
the stream where oranges
float diversion or refusal phraseology 
evidence too
warding off to be helpful circumstantial  
at risk withheld a replica
the trees sad clouds angry 
tricked into honesty 
corners of lips weary costume 
shoulders & feet in
all directions 






jane joritz nakagawa