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Accident Powder: Chemical residue of tongue, hair, leaving. Oxidizes rapidly when exposed to air or nomenclature; in sensory vacuum, halflife indeterminate. Irregular magnetic field, greatly diminished by electricity, water. Has been shown to cause animal affection, volume. Can be used as relief of ease, guilt weight, fence. When inhaled, rings untrue. When one door opens the same one swings shut.

Almost: Air bearing broad, horizontal sheets of ice. Product of chronic atmospheric adhesion. Potential for massive trauma: tendency to concuss, wrench, sever. Moves in spurts and geometric systems: chain link; palm tree; erosion. Produced from swelling of speech particles beyond capacity; there is only so much matter and even centrifugal force has its limits. Countermeasure: when you look don't see her. Secondary countermeasure: salt.

Bastard Wing: Organic orientation device of minute precision. May be found sprouting from objects, including everythings and vowels. May also be constructed from synthetic materials—a practice grown increasingly common in the face of rapid decrease in everything populations and vowel supplies. It is always exactly wrong. Here is how it works: Point it at the sun. It says "sun." This is exactly wrong. Point it at glass. It says "glass." This is exactly wrong. Per Spaten: "We can only know sand by knowing water. We can only know glass by knowing black."

(See: Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight, Twenty-nine)

Before This: Any body of water bearing Risk Patterns. Identifiable by steep grade and depths of violent coldness. It is coldness like a muscle suffocating, like a giant tortoise in a trench. Also notable for what gather overhead are unsets ( 2). If you find yourself swimming in it, stop. Don't bother. It is coldness like don't bother.

Bird: 1 Part of speech beyond which lies alteration, sublimation or conclusion. Light amplitude of tense occludes vision; inability to tell then or since. Prior to bird everyone knows what is coming except you. Everyone knows but you. 2 Uncontrolled upward syllogism; irrational induction; don't kid yrself. Groundless certainty in her and her not leaving.

BodyHouse: 1 Tightest possible quarters. Smaller than book of pills than stagnature. Small as in a map would help. (In small places the spaces are smaller still.) Can by mathematics be deciphered but not inured against. Can be inured against by tangential exposure to her sand or late-stage creature. You can say this to yourself but you can't say it to her. You can say this to anyone but her. 2 Any closed system into which a perturbation is introduced. Most harmful in bodies with ductile interior surfaces. Think of a hornet burrowing into your ear. Think of warm oil. You can have one or the other but not the other.

Book of Had: Container for accident powder. Usually composed of high-density gesticulation or frantic toil. Lid poorly affixed on most models; may be jostled loose by twinges or wings. When encountering birds of specific breeds (swallow & snipe) she averts eyes and you can't tell what she's looking at. She ties tighter her bathrobe.

Book of Pills: What did not happen and when .

Book of Was: Bolt of opaque fabric. Sometimes on fire. Sometimes a story. May be used to wrap or bind Book of Had. Cannot be trimmed, resized, altered without aberration. Cannot be used to wash or wipe any book any page. Exposure to unhemmed edge often requires medical attention. Typical symptoms include minute, crosshatched lacerations and burns on face and neck; acute hyperopia.

Cartography: 1 Superordinate term comprising all forms of book and hiding . 2 Means to quietude, ego, here you are. Means to when she finds your body on the sand. Means to she will fill your pockets and eye sockets with sand as a means to keep you weighted. Means to giving you sand; she will give you her sand. 3 Wood-like shell, corrugated with grooves packed with someone else's sand and when you ask whose it is the answer is sand rushing near your ankles, scattering in the first flatness of sea and it is green and the answer is not yours.

Chance Induction: Pink or lilac unguent which, when accompanied by keen or coo, generates an emollient electric impulse. Can be applied to hands or legs or mathematics, for instance, "odds." All of this hers or for her. All of this frequent and every time as the surprise of waking; this surprise it makes sense.

Creature: Low, fast-moving cloud of electric charge sufficient to produce lightning. Exposure results in hyper- / synesthesia. Known to have culled book objects from rock outcroppings, sandy regions. If removed, fissures bone and splits and it heals wrong and there is a bump there. She will admire you and not leave you. (Compare with: Stagnature) This is getting complicated.

Cusp: Perfect sphere in perfect movement from back to front. You don't need to run it down; you have it in your throat. Characterized by tactile appeal with hum of potential menace. When ambient, may regress, flatten and disperse. Results often (too often, too often) in Almost. When hers she does not say it; she is the saying of it. (What can you know of whether she is her saying or her is? Per Spaten: "Opacity is homogeny; homogeny is opaque.")

Do and Do Not: Any room in need of adjustment or repair. Malfunction may take the form of color skewed or leaked, insufficient insulation (wrong knock, wrong fingers), ill fit. Modifications can only be performed by not you or anyone else. The way it happens is this:

Everything: Silver bird made of paper and glue. Angular when electrified; plastic when heated; boney when wet; feathered when feathered; satisfied when aspirant; hesitant when fashioned from other materials; prone to linger when threatened; wearable as hat or boot; slated for demolition & motherhood. Specimens can be found in jagged air, as book objects or on fire. If unhooked, each digresses, imitates tendrility, grasps after. Were she here she would knock.

Fault of Space: Mallet-like tool with glass for peen. Myriad book applications, blame. Uses include fashioning heavy caoutchouc barriers, evasion, keeping drowned people drowned. When subverted or defaulted, acts as both insulator and stimulant. In this mode, symptoms include increased heart rate and vertigo. Symptoms may remain beyond pertinence, in which case compose yourself and stay off her porch. Put this behind: with her it was quiet and small. Maybe just—

Finger Clock: String of incendiary material spun forward from hands in anticipation of extended cold periods and / or need for rapid evaporation. Used in varying lengths to determine / establish limits of light-periods. Can be tied in knots or stretched as a means of reducing or extending daylight. Can be spooled and hurled from high elevations to produce lightning. Can be converted to loam, twilled into cloth and brushed. (See: Girl of Rain)

First Kneeling: Process by which any manner of skin may be made into gossamer. Severity of symptoms dependant upon proximity to books and hair. When exposed to low temperature, risk of infection decreases significantly; similar decrease effected by any sustained organ requirement. When she needs you she will knock.

Girl of Rain: Long, hooded overcoat w/ heat-buttons. Derived and formed from burning earth. Converts precipitation into libidinous energy. Attiree may develop hyperthermic texture. When fueled but not in use, Girl of Rain nearly always reverts to flame.

In cases of disequilibrium, attiree may leave behind Girl of Rain; early loops of Rope may ensue or dissipate into atmosphere. If the former, she has eaten you alive. Latter, finest prints still to be resolved, refined.

Glass Mechanism: Calcified stagnature which culls from old sound things that bleed. Things that dump blood, pour it, and you know who it comes out of but not who it belongs to. And it gets in puddles and it gets in the couch and when the sun is on it it has different colors and strands and blacker parts and waterier parts and a smell like metal and bog and so you open the window and in the thick places it almost folds on account of there is a breeze and it is autumn and the sky is all itself alone without clouds.

Grasp Vapor: Reversely-osmosed language substance, emitted during sleep and/or vegetative states. Upon exposure to oxygen, takes form of crepe paper, generates own updrafts, floats playfully. Exposure to (i.e. physical contact with; sight of) results in enamorment with secretor. Contact with mucous membrane results in complete corporal dissolution. But who are you to say.

Hand Man: Small, locomotive cup for holding fingernail clippings, sloughed skin, trimmed hairs, ear wax, lost teeth. Digests materials as means of maintaining locomotive ability. Movement might be described as scuttle or scurry and is always and only in service of making self available as receptacle for stimulant materials. This is her favorite. Hand Man = total & singular devotion to purpose. (See also: Girl of Rain)

Her Sand: Air bearing fractured plates of concave glass. Useful for if you'd like to. In milled form, can be used for heat and ribbon and magnification. If edges are beveled, danger is decreased; in order to further minimize potential harm, glass should etched with symbols, warnings, equations. When cooled forms beards of frost which brush your arms and tickle when you blow on them. When she gives it to you it buries you and it is yours for as long as. (See also: Almost)

How Come Not: Device for impeding translation. Most often constructed of pages torn from books and folded intricately into the forms of objects: bed, pet, sex organ. Bolstered by layers of vulcanized action: eat, dress, sit and think, scratch. Water plants and conduct other household chores. Dismantled by arrival of creature and acts of will.

If If When She: Region of objective aesthetic value located amid marshes surrounding each Before This. Landscape of feathers, dense vegetation and narrowness. Varied avian population composed entirely of everythings. There can be people but only two and not children. (What can be children in this landscape?) There can be skies and they can be white. There can be glass but it is behind.

If When She: What happens when you should but don't. You will spend all day like this. (Stop. Say about what it is. First, say about what it is.) 1 Storage unit for potential books; books may take form of net, flashlight, typewriter, toy, boutonnière, various root vegetables including parsnip and carrot, a small room at the bottom of a stack of small rooms all of them coupled, system'd, discrete, when you are walking in one direction and then the other, when sometimes when she squeezes both your arms when her fingers are long and she may have names of water swelling or going to swell (Wait.)(Wait.).

Walls of if she constructed of insulating materials rubbed with her sand. This a means of keeping in and cultivating electricity, which is crucial for preservation. 2 Any pair of shoes without laces.

Last Year: Neuralgic response to certain internal flora, during which blows struck become Accident Powder and gather about the edges of bed in dunes and furrows. This is in early morning and you can see her and how her eyes move her skin her hand move her skin her postcards across the desk. In trying circumstances, twinge takes on character of tall grass: hiding place and predation cover. Think lion behind it . Think parts at last moment.

Low Strike: 1 Sudden and gentle incursion of hard words often from between teeth, effecting rapid effacement of enamels both yours and hers. When it happens she crouches when her back shows. 2 Nonresponse / acceptance of the right kind's physical diminishment. Manifested in tendency toward particulate foods, things you can eat in bunches; when she does it she holds her hand like a bowl, pinches out some. 3 What you keep doing even when. Even though.

Mandate of Skin: Process of induction by which what you know of yours you know of hers. Executed with elegance only when standing or in near-vertical lean. This a result of you know what and chances are. Cannot occur inside cars or outside anywhere. Or, if it can, it is discreet: brush knuckle, squeeze foot through shoe. Most commonly occurs within risk pattern and far from shore in order to accommodate no swimming back.

Marta: 1 Sister. 2 Fully embodied stagnature that hums and that hum makes you hum the same. One time something made her baby bleed.

Mass Ascension: Ream of paper and each sheet is a mile wide. Can be made into things; you don't know what they are but you know the steps. First, tug one from the middle. Know color; be aware of light position; in spite of redness, disregard glass mechanism. Then, a matter of fold and tight crease. (Ask someone who has done it recently.) (Thusly. Here.) There are no books for this; you can use its leaves to mark a page.

Name of Water: Any osteophytic remnant of original creature. Manifested elsewhere as smooth pain and swelling into book element. Often marked on skin or bark by pattern of cicatrices notable for their luminous blue latticework and tendency when heated or exposed to electricity to transform into glass filaments. These stiffen when the weather folds and sometimes she is a sound without knowing.

New Lung Unit: 1 System of applied mathematics by which Name of Water can be calculated, sustained, invigorated. May be used as a means to satisfy demands; may be silver or in a hard plastic box. Its are surgical-grade relations & operators. Math so clean you can see your face. 2 Thickening agent. Think of sound in water. 3 Any method of acquittal (you are not are not are not to blame) & retention (still, stay). If misapplied it makes no difference; you're not as not as you might think. (Was it you who changed her dress from the one with flowers to the one with pink? Was this when her body was like heavy yellow rubber?) (Do you remember your mother, how she asked who loves his big sister? ) (How long then until that spill of blood? It was the shape of a state or something else on a map. It had hills, or almost.)

Not Knock: Knowledge lacuna of indeterminate proportions. How is there not to know and what and how long will it last and how fathomed. It is brown. (In maps of the ocean floor the shallow parts are pale the land parts are white.) There are of course her fingers to consider, their length and if they made a sound what it would be.

Not Worth: Map of glass and cloud. If charting stagnature, often projected without line or color or math. If charting creature, it is a lie or it is exactly wrong (See: bastard wing). Most readily visible when she is nearby or might be nearby. This on account of she is neither transparent nor nebulous and when she knocks her fingers begin immediately to draw, absorb. What little to do with whiteness like this but remember it.

Now: Any plate of rare glass lased from the original and larger than a person. (Larger than you.) When listened to, electricity is generated; when applied as power source, sound can be derived. The trick is not don't force it but how you. You can wind or rend or tense it; it is a liquid (you've heard this and know). The trick is to not word for but project. Because when you have dark out there and near in here, the question has to do with which way the leak. And what makes way. Here is your hand, not hers. Here is your glass, and all of it. Here is your her and this is your her and now is maybe (yes okay) now you're her. Or were. And this to remember, to say a baby remembers this, same as an insect; a bone has fluid, same as glass; an eye has this, same as glass; when rain happens, or oceans, or clocks, when the orange cat puts its mouth and says a better one–electricity does this, same as this; this does this, same as this : This is not real; this is an impossible object. All you need is one.

Now the sky is white: Two to five letter appendage to any word or animal which will make it a new thing. Through the post this may take weeks. Through wire, same. Her becomes there and she is a destination; she is a place as big as any, bigger. She is the flat space that used to be an inland sea and you are destined there. Apply map to end of geographic center: you are destined there.

Object Converter: 1 Blanket of glass or transparent paper, layered between book (bottom) and map (top). Often used in conjunction with quiet caliper. When electricity is applied, this becomes this (not that), this, this; this, this . Sometimes, when she comes across it on the desk, she runs her finger (no print of this whiteness but you can track it), her eye. No telling whether she will turn away (she has done this) or knock (if she does this—). In both cases, she will squeeze both your arms. Sometimes, when you come across her at the desk, the blood runs from your head. Countermeasure: double at the waist; let gravity do heart's work. (Per Sontag: "Only that which narrates can make us understand.") 2 Any cultivated substance, any material in piles (See: This is how you look like going), any water on the ground. 3 This.

Other Room: Specific heat, dry enough it is its own dust. Dry enough it makes This is how you look like going into dust. Emanates from and contained by wood and not glass. In this heat, glass rattles; a matter more of will than physics. The same (but from the other side) is true of the orange cat; in is not what he is but what he does. You can watch him guard the porch. You can watch him saunter inside the wrought iron, crouch and narrow. You can watch from the window and when the end of his tail makes its twitch, the heat will have caught to your eyes like dust and the electricity will have been scuffed from the floor and none of this would be the same with machines or after the sun-culled filaments in blood but this is both before and again (even in ebb tide, there can be surges). And when she switches out the porchlight, the orange cat will be gone but you will still be there, dark in the glass. It will be you (it is sometimes hard to tell) there on the left, blue-boned with nose of no shape, eyes coarse with dust, and she and she will lay (the difference only chronology) her white fingers on your arm.

Other Than Now: Stopper made from vulcanized rubber or cork, often hollow through the middle, often with a small lens mounted inside. When willfully misapplied as means of curtailing or subverting creature, lens doubles, slides on tracks, functions telescopically. When properly applied, as a means of containment and preservation, lens becomes sound and you can close your eyes and their lenses drift downward, settle like weighted like jettisoned material sinking away. She has hers too; she has her fingers. When they become sound, she has knocked or you have listened enough to make a knock. This since though you have the sound of her fingers, she has their whiteness.

Pair of Lights: Container for useless gases and synthetic electricity. May be used to initiate construction of while away. Wrought from glass and the shape of distance; this design increases volume tenfold. In earliest forms, fabrication components included sound, books, grandfathers, science. The question is, if you were someone else, would it be this or that? If she were?

Precipitation: Compulsive masturbatory enterprise disguised as furniture. Likely sources: small dogs, repeated failure, enthusiasm misapplied. Here now don't be bitter. Here now. Manifest in speech, precipitation is unsubtle (hmm) and discursive (mm hmm). Evinced by hair-shaking paroxysm and misnomers. Also, thickened agents of speech, unaccountable mirth.

Question of Elsewhere: Accident of light on water or sand by which she becomes pure location spaceless, matterless. When cartography is introduced, structures become infinitely distant; ships lift to horizon; location is corrupted, orbit perturbed. All this and uncontrolled forward momentum, noncurtailment. During Question, her hair becomes bristly & dark and mouth becomes insect of unsubtle wingspan.

Quiet Caliper: Device for measuring applicability of books to a given map. Applied twice (measure twice, cut once) above and twice below object converter. When you start to use it it chirps. This results from pressurized air and because it is only a baby.

rare glass: Plates of amalgamated sound and electricity. Synthesized by exposure of elements to light. Stored most often below the first snow. Used to construct constituent parts of rooms, lens components of Other than now, super-professional grade Object Converters and, in massive plates lased from the original, now. Not rare because of amount but taken away (taken, not was), abstracted. This was yours or should have been. This is what they build heaven from. Remember its color from the side; when you look at its color from the side, it is all its space stacked thick and you can see its start and its finish and they do the same, and they've turned the same, a matter of enforced correlation (there isn't that much of melt). There is one other color does this and it is blood with light on it, and after (so, another). This color is you can move her like rubber and move it at the gathered bottom and it will say (opposite of the orange cat), out (see, not in). It will say out down to the floor and it will have already said it far more to the mattress and getting its out will get it brown now more than red. This is what it built heaven from. You can take that color from the side and this color from the mattress and you can make a map.

Risk Pattern: Any of a flotilla of tiny ships with holes in their hulls and high, blank walls. These latter muffle high-frequency sound and generate their own low-. Only one ship may be occupied at a time; the rest are or are potential books. Ship in use signified by more substantial leak, vacancy of flagpole, cooking smells and clutter: when she's there every object is for her. When she's gone every object is for her.

Room: Optometric device used to hold color in one place while sound moves around it. A telephone might ring and be deflected. (Still, if she needs she will knock.) Machine whisper & blip, thickened by tone of light. With room these fall away but she does not. On account of she wears it too. When sufficiently coalesced, color becomes creature and nestles, strikes, builds words from bundles of now the sky is white.

Root Spoon: Producer / preparer of cold weather food. Hamstrung by fervency and she squeezes both your arms. When used as chopping device, Root Spoon gleams. If used to dig a hole, Root Spoon shudders. Can be quelled by sprinkling of brown sugar. Varies in size from shovel to novelty.

Rope: Non-rational, semi-automated external operating system. Applied involuntarily across shoulders and around wrists. Subject will find herself engaged in several disparate activities simultaneously: putting on a sock & brushing teeth & reading a magazine; drinking coffee & watering plants & composing operetta & building farmhouse; whittling palm-sized birds of prey & performing CPR & engaging in sexual intercourse.

Run Down: Bottom face of stagnature (1) where the parts that darken darken. Tends to pile and loom, fold the same ribs as blood in light but inverted and not blood-color but black. It is the shape not the color and the color is where vowels. Sound says this (See—) here and blllllp (your lips can do it, with your tongue) elsewhere. Plenty of elsewheres. But not here. Her lips can do it, or her tongue, or her fingers, which can press her lips and all of them do whiteness and the sky does it and this is a map that goes up instead of down, she is a map that goes up instead of down. And a map is what goes instead of.

Sister: 1 Marta. 2 Fully embodied stagnature that hums and that hum makes you hum the same. Odor is of machine and stillness.

Stagnature: 1 Low, sedentary cloud of negligible electric charge. Immobility belied by suddenness of onset. Exposure results in lethargy, generalized apprehension, diarrhea. Now you've got a few things going at once. 2 Abscission of Name of Water, esp. from hand or rim of orbit. Conducted autonomously (or close to) when where she is is what she does.

Still dark: Versatile square of fabric, usually twilled from vowel-based filament. May be used to compulsively wring nose or polish teeth; to obscure or burnish panes of glass; as muffle or gag, especially as impediment to verbal precipitation. Other uses: When returned to often: in place of pet. When doubled & rubbed against itself: retroactive generation of static electricity. When woven tightly: mask or distraction from yellow fold inside your chest, from pearling malignancies in your groin and neck (it is not that)(were it that you'd know)(it's not). Some have been unspun, their vowels culled and reapplied. When this occurs and you swallow them, it will be something you can explain, like condensation, like she is warm otherside of window and you are water seized through glass.

Supply: Any process applied to self during silver-pink hours of morning. May include self-sufficiency, tending body, operation of buttons (so many and all the time). If executed with every strand with every affix, will generate maps maps maps. Watch the smooth parts, the hollows. If enough, her, and she will squeeze both your arms. (Seems she with every if.) (Or if with she.) Supply takes morning (that is, all of it) after she has . This is not glass but ice: not light but slide; not through but over, across. Still, all that melting .

This is how you look like going: Any set, stacked or piled, of books or maps or panes of glass. If adjacent to creature, may result in vowel accrual or more creature. When this is the case, consider that orange cat (this (his) is the saunter to want), how he puts his small mouth when he says, "You can give my in or I can take it as I'll have it." Watch because he'll put it sharp and sideways and pink and have it.

This is how you look like looking: Any two of the following, held one in each hand: paintbrush, dictionary, pane of glass, shoe without laces, lightswitch (functioning; in OFF position), spider, mechanical pencil, atlas, book, aerosol can, newspaper, small bird, any legume, any form of net, any form of morning.

This is how you look like waiting: Container for mistreated personal effects. If unsealed near stagature ( 1), may result in more stagnature. When this is the case, consider odor of mildew and texture of pustules along your upper back. Consider filth and what you've done to deserve it. (Nothing.) (Twice.) Watch because you'll have it.

Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight,

Twenty-nine: Large-scale instrument originally constructed as a means of navigation but useful only to measure distance between yourself and what you tell yourself. Crucial elements—hub, annuli, bastard wing—constructed from highly degenerative metals and cottons. Other elements—tourbillion, relevant books—not constructed but culled from latent stores of electricity. There is a word for this. There is a better word for this.

Unset: 1 Gourd of variegated skin, mean orange meat, uncommon seed density. Bigger than others and waxed. She taught you this: roast seeds and eat; scrape from skin meat with teeth. Leave the dishes, retune the radio. 2 Silent of line of door of street. Silent of fork on plate. First presence of stagnature (1). First presence of unset—any presence is always first presence; otherwise negate or invert silence rubric . 3 Other, larger personhood .

Until Then: 1 Any single letter sustained at a length sufficient to produce hairline fractures and / or glandular distension. From where you stand it hurts and looks like hurt like glare like lacerate. May occur in ground or air or ink or teeth. (See: Dental Strike) 2 Complete progression followed by partial regression. When she says it you can see it coming up her throat and you want to catch it.

Very Much: 1 Shortest distance. Established as bodyhouse ( 2) is perturbed. N.B.: Distance is chronological, not spatial; before & after, not her & you. 2 Enfilade (either) of unsuitable disorder. Takes the form of or results from imprecision. Think sounds of dramatically different volume; think how many pairs of shoes; think if this is how you look like going looked like something else (someone else's). Think about your (her) tongue and throat, about is and how you say. (Per Spalding: "Even a letter is not a sound.") Here is another to direct her away. Or past. (Per Spaten: "To telescope is to neaten.")

Vowel: Basic unit of color. Often but not always derived from small birds; sometimes found in boxes, esp. portmanteaux; rarely present in illicit sexual encounters. In concentrated form, has been shown to produce cures for previously undiscovered diseases (See: First Kneeling; Noora's Twinges; Precipitation). When diluted, can be used for shopping lists, soda pop, important carpets, images of shoes & other equipage. If swallowed, does not digest but transcends space to reside in her ocular cavity.

Weather Hem: Any pane of unbroken glass. May be carried in button-holed leather case or paper bag and applied when necessary to attempt something novel. Application involves paint, suspension, finding the right birds. When you break it there are more of it. Think of all the pieces; remember they are sharp. Remember their sides are opaque and green. She will put down what she's reading and squeeze both your arms.

While Away: 1 Synthetic creature constructed from twine, wood glue, other people's buttons. (Not yours but sounds like it.) (ah? ah?) Tendency to increase in volumetric and mathematic complexity until allotted time is expended. You might spend days on this. If she knocks— 2 Any food and its most complicated preparation. If she knocks—



cartographia: partial atlas of interstitial regions


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