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BlazeVOX [books]
Cleaning the Mirror
by Joel Chace
(BlazeVOX , 2008)



Hey Nancy!

Meaning there will be a place to sit

between the chair and thought of it

Have we arrived?

And move—

This time precludes

Light’s lofty

Turn towards

The quotidian

But lichen a worm

In the beak to the

Bleak passage, say

Take C to Kingston

Or the inversion

Susceptible to a tea

Take it that there is nothing

As pleasant as a pleasant day

Hereon, herring, white moss on a wire

The pond becomes a lark

Slinks to a crawl

At either intersection


Shabbat Saloon

The blue in the blueprint

Is the sensation of a concept

And the hue in the house

Is the concept of a sensation

But there is no such thing

As a blue house of


May appear opaque

On a transparent

Afternoon when

Linguists drop

Like duck phones

Tattoo blue

A grainy wonder




two poems


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