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    on the 5ives



above all cells.   the wind disintegrates or wants nobody to do
with raison d' etre.  are you anxious for the smell.  given
you reign while you hymm the jingle.  cautious might you be,
orderly how so, & what prism should warble much less topple
your theory.

concordant, downright.  begin with the chimneys in your skin.
if the mason is to trowel & mortar, plumb-bobbing precise &
the choir of more than every pore muchless be sure to
follow, follow, each attendant note finally overwith.

no architect, particularly those,  marvelling at sound as they
may, having appeased the various winds belonging dowsing the
wind.   outright front the sound before machination, these
only fetal languages.   a structure is concert.   in.   you
feed?   between soft white noise & static.

/ beleft, in absence of time, each errant music of anti-matter,
division twice over.   you ordain?   single instant recall is
hereby safe.    (meant to)   be.


Essay on Wind

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