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Identify all callers through door viewer before opening door.

The Komo mask is made to look like an animal. But it is not an animal, it is a secret.

Sedou Traore

It is a rare scene without precedent in Baule art - it prompts
speculation but defies exact interpretation.

Truth is like smoke, like someone passing gas.

Doi Goga

Apparently I'm engulfed in evil.


I've got that groggy, medicine head feeling.

There, now you won't scratch yourself when you scratch yourself.

Our Little Angel in Polka Dots

It's something you're doing or not doing.

First you say "it goes without saying" and then you say it.

First you say "so and so needs no introduction" and then you introduce

horse-headed flaming cow head

"Wings" was on at 3 AM last night. What sense does that make?

I didn't want to get personal; I just wanted to buy a fire truck.

Mercurial, aren't we?

In a bag, like liquor.


Our Little Pearl Onion

. . . or there's gonna be trouble.

Just like that.


What's the matter with you? Why don't you cheer? You a fascist or

                                    Eugene Pallette in "The Male Animal"

Peter, I can't believe that you're going to accept the Gorilla's

Mary Jane Parker, "Spiderman"

Popeye's mysterious friend, the Jeep, lived on a diet of orchids.

Knish? Delish!

Wednesday night is Diaper Night.

You're in the kind of trouble guys don't get out of.


I love the power and quiet efficiency of our new Kohler toilet.

Ha! You can count them among the dead.

The cruelest punishment is having to bid farewell to Alexandria in the
splendor of its white autumn. . .

Naguib Mahfouz

Check out the music at the end of "King Solomon's Mines" and at the
end of "Mogambo" - so beautiful and so unlike Hollywood.

I like you like a monkey likes bananas.

Ethel Merman, "The Animal in Me"

Drunk with Power

Rude Awakening

Don't make a move, Judge. I'm comin' down to get ya.
               Come ashootin'!

                          Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan in "The Westerner"

You're your own anus.

(to the tune of "This Wheel's on Fire")
This ass is on fire
Rolling down the road
Just notify my next of kin
This ass is out of control

It was a mighty killing. Their crushed bodies were a carpet beneath my

Fashion Island

You're the anti-foot rub.


Peter ants in bathroom! I killed all I found.


That one's your wife.
               They're both your wife.
You're their wife.

Pharmacy Seafood

Home Despot


The plus means better.

President of the Hammer and Sickle Factory

Footlight Parade

What if gloat was a noun and goat was a verb?

The air's starting to smell different.
               Like what?
Like machine air.

"Blik, blik, blik, blik" - that's what she'll say.


change mr. cow to mrs. cow

peter balestrieri