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    on the 5ives




Hands remunerate as barter for
Providing moss or heatlamp, some form of
Dispenser for mood melody to be equivalent to
Thumbprints at an impasse corresponding
People twist out of identities
From altar boys to meadowlarks so evident in
August when the temperature is raked toward
Boundaries that look handmade as seen in
Telescopic transfer of full truth and half truth
Living in arrangements cool to touch
Moon-softened though and credited with
Intent to slide still amid wire trees
Almost a real woods just as threatened by a
Match holding the same power as a wordsmith near
Mothwing about to resurrect toward one the bulb called
Equality that everyone would write about as an
Endorsement of the miles past the initial
Seed responsible for perfectly unleavened treebark


Winter saddles willpoints with a nest,
Given the energy espousal counterfeit to
Latitude increasing exponentially beyond
Events and toward trapeze of future screaming its
Falsetto bird lanes fast and sharp and
Prompt as whimsy perpendicular to
Worthiness as sampled by the
Comatose unhealing priest who's to the
Point while perfectly delirious when someone
Reworks speeches of his requiring
Suffocation as a final pause cadenced as
Wind in shapely little drifts
Fast foward and elapsing into card games
Fast asleep under our galloping through
Mountainous constructions human formulated
Thread by piecemeal thread a dunderhead
Supposing anybody knew enough to sort
Meaning from usurpation from plate blue lake glass


Languages propel some worthy conversation
Labels apart from shoulder pads stuffed into
Dresses made to look past genders as sub-
Titles would inspire acceptance of some
Depiction of a lifetime guarantee of gravestone
Words mean to weigh something inside the
Nest of sure pronunciation
Time and forward moving parts
Through interest-bearing accounts
By most designs worth-ridden sheer through
Passages mean to have souls
With walls like padded cells
Blanch proof and substantive as targets of a hug
Designed to feign love mercy or
Sentences aloof from what is felt
Released so cavalierly as to seem
Gone by the wayside of
Implementation's hard fast sugar rule


Morning cleans the nightlight
Here we are thinking
Sleep used to be dry as plains but
Anymore it's molded chalky although
Comfortable to talk about familiar
Ways of ruminating about skeet shoot along
Sidewalks mean not to have feathers
Factual or broken lingering with
Personalities afloat and damages
Talked down to meaning we had targeted
Them and better still the surface neighbors
Day in day out who preached enormity of
Them their fat purse tumbling to the floorboards
Can you acclaim the rationale
Things must have pointed to times
Two with vision easily insulted by the
Visiting professor who espoused greed
Morning after finite morning


Planet shifts philosophy
The cumbers lay ground principles'
Own peach light where the wasps
And senators were nouns
God half afforded posthumous in
Places never furred with windows perfectly
Intact as shutters clarified which
Weeds remained unsuitable for framing as
Regards the chemistry and hurt
Immeasurably satisfied by lumber pushed
Toward fireprints smoldering in
Wilderness a cave for our supplies and
Birds to look at
With intentions of a catalogue
On sound without the sound the context
Wood inclusive of all meaning
Principally situated in the park beside
Us naturally limited and free-zoned snippets


Through periscopic love she shallowed
Silverly as though with time all force would
Soften her woodwind depicted bastingly on
Canvas like a thread another thread a
Rose perhaps an accident this
Curled variety the color half peach
Of an artist's furnished eye's
Unraveling the park and all its loveliness
Slowly enough to like in the
Affordable way of purviews linking
Walkways after peace
Plunked in the quiet wash of
Rodeo still newer at eventide
Than lowering of inhibitions in
Breath's lamp the sole
Inheritance across from frenzy neutralized
Like anything that must be slow to
Me mere qualm aloof from any velvet


Six Seasons

sheila murphy