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    on the 5ives



steam lint macrobiotic fixings that don livery and take up cudgels burnt
umber for shading in order to avoid having to sever
hawsers with sheering motions beneath roar or inside a shrinking season
that leads distinctly towards stiff cheeks lavish with
what's run the gamut as rough-shod treatment so as to vie on a par each
pass that much closer to exacting one's due a
holdout for soup subway tokens old growth if not grounded by a pole
contrary to received notions about Icarus in cryptic
brain cells through an adjustment envy eagles on battlements when
disemboweling arguments over air rights carried to a
ridiculous extreme for amusement's sake goes for broke although robed in
black a figure in a fugue state having stropped a
blade when water leaks the children funding one another dressed in
somber colors while I'm trying to communicate by
telephone but no matter how clear an obsessive personality until clouds
of unknowing a hired hand who also wants to think
that being a prerogative if one can imagine everything told as or after
it happens the old pretending at wood oils grease not
juice a fight of sweets in a paper bag dried dog shit on carpet because
that lingo ball of foot a requisite formula for jarred
teeth only unified by how people live at the fag end where Adriatic
sheen having passed into a mouth and brain deadlocked at
their expectant looks although nothing marks off a trail or peculiar
paternalism more than owner's pride fed through software
which no one needs at least a gamble to arrive at how to avoid
consistent storage problems although typed positive against
bar charts so that through repeated bruisings a torn section pretty
subtle all in all as if some whacky mendacious blueprints
osteopathic conclusions at a trickle but still not stilled through
clotting while amassing enough debt to choke a horse overtime
conflict of interest as institutionalized by fiat takes on a luster of
old burgundy late November that leaves its impression for a
pittance beneath growing fat even though delusions of grandeur out to
prove a point to the silent watchers burn victims
extolled for their know-how but unforced swirl of events its spin-off
marketing plans long on hope now that hardened features
naturally opening up in response to love food and sleep until detonation
devices on the lam will not abrade lips with proper
procedure a protein synthesizer finds its level within limits crisis of
supply unless a gigantic tree whose most delicate motion
detectors at an absolute perimeter their fear of the longer rhythms and
how they modulate another world with king court and
goons to sue the fog for trespassing but if avoided some personal
fluctuation or set of wrenches towards completing all that
horror of time with core samples from mud pack while alien feelers probe
edges skateboard practice yet how to suck out
offending material without tipping scales soaped down good as a way of
life after gut fear warms over old meat gone gray as
every last chance to validate entropy pulls back advances after loss
figures a pulse slugged reverberates weakly where pity
and fresh gore incalculable adjustments to trap smoke in a vial but
having noticed stray threads and gathered them back into
sense through composure serenity of knowing that pace not caring about
its goal because whoever imports a drug
arraignment arrowheads with strange stains an isotope analysis revamps
thought projection not quite customary unless having
coated skin with a layer of negative ions maceration of synapses
perineum biotic gorgeous and warm before codgers whose
entire life savings stopped dead in their tracks so as not to alarm
hangers-on with a pulmonary tale or way of being days on
end those grills ripped from the wall as chronically fatigued steal
hoping beyond hope crunch mills through flexible tubing to
restore faces formerly having questioned them from various angles less
than kosher until wavery outlines perceived through
haze in the nightmare runnel where each regression to a flawed source in
guilt and pain can only violate incest taboos under a
strict regime of common sense once known for greater strife than even
the adjutant or some designated broken throat priced
to move throughout republication territory deep in a mash thrombosis or
fine motor movements left to re-establish links that
had been allowed to languish into diabetes and organ consumption once
again primary to a fault then mail-order brides astral
symbols of vaginal eyes tattooed across midriff a burst surgical
procedure prior to purgatives and test results dog food
boneheads fine-boring for fun and profit because only in that way doves
their pitiful existence martyred by trash undercutting
retail trade with thingamajigs and walkie-talkies a criterion even as
back-up of their howling at having been pumped full of
saline and frog-green mush too far away cannot scope to that depth an
experience in aphasia specialized tubes frontal bone
pile incinerated voices flashing on a crisp screen in case power failure
Osiris stretched out on a pronation frame wanting less
information his wheat boat and hawk-headed relatives who take their ease
among plantain groves parked to stanch leakage
of fire in a business suit stilled at street level my carapace now
riddled and slammed barely able to maintain a semblance so
air can enter or food value pneumatic adjustments questionable those
slicing practices when so many others who trudge
through a gateway no more grandstanding and triple flips king-maker from
behind the scenes tiled by blind hands that could
never resist obscene gesture in ancient world more and more removed
playing out options in laughter and busy martinis
pulverized against will ongoing hands and blades commonly blurted out
when it comes time a salve or balmy breezes not
lifting a finger to extrude a video game but checkmate at cave mouth 365
steps down yet whose horror if honestly perceived
a welling up of tears chrysanthemums rooftops through long exposure and
deterioration as presenting symptoms their tentative
gropings behind muslin cannot come to terms by steamer trunks
red-penciled across failing skin networks of causeways
catwalks they couldn't represent any other way jacketed for action a
movie deal then hunks of a tarry substance not yet
appearing on charts so that time bombs of bitterness and nostalgic rage
as though scraped clean to reroute those rivers a
flickering eyelid gets through Morpheus whose chilled breath graces
those haunts for some slight because now water dragged
up heroically to a hilltop for coronation by sunlight having to seek out
an embrace with both halves each in its own right a
throne sinewy and strong locks onto objective through turbo charging as
stories begin to flow across a rocky area not that
vital when oils gathering in vials for protection a memory slow to
surface but stubborn as I look for an exit to sing about
tragedy being measured out looking down over the zoo from a dangerous
vantage point then reversal of direction dark
branches and stones or shale with palms raised a mythologem tread gods
that pull apart before even an announcement of
reticence unheeded by gadgetry and billing procedures while sitting
among refuse as others tuff themselves on medical
disasters a cocaine-hungry look sniffed out precise arrangement to
invoke some alignment between segments of bedrock and
air in a pure dedication honed through decades until no longer useful
among the humans whose wailing and smiles that fill
wells while troop movements in an ongoing drama studiously charted
whereas contrary to past behavior not even categorized
but right there at slop trough beachside incest approximates call for
diffusion when working with superior tools to reduce
paperwork yet increase processing capability somewhat larger residence
or a huge peach encouraged to eat where no grasp
or purchase of eccentric folks for ethnographic purposes in some sense
myself having taken a formal elegant passage through
extreme heat mosquitoes dead lizards in a sweltering night up a ladder
and across the bridge to a vaster darkling plain among
ancient trees whether an animal will appear to triangulate breakdown
into mantic ways or having to wait spun by energy a
sideshow evolutionary and visual flight back from what must come as
departure from tundra dancing iron bird flight or men in
a bar their beer pitchers hopped up for ground zero seeds cast widely as
water congeals from among branches in a mist
niches of sadness at permanent departure over tracks each framed scene
melting into another I'm honoring their claims but
wondering about future indemnification auto plants diners street lights
as a gradual solar holocaust of body parts whiplash
victim parade for which no excuses unstinting efforts at docks or sharks
in jacuzzi now that the ladies in waiting crown prince
preceptor whose specific life plan carries no risk to a nascent
industry's dire stratagems gunshot messages no less or nameless
acts of kindness and learning how to go on loving as natural laden boughs swaying back behind a screen memory while
simultaneously hurrying up stairs around a shaft heel clicks in pursuit
up to the seventh floor pawn shop an exact figure of $68
cited from swirling liquids perhaps Roman in their spread but much more



harry polkinhorn