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in ease of season. partitions, the place of chance. words walk to empires. nowadays the solution. if effort fills function, the name becomes gantry. finality has a price.

when more purple scoops out the sky, loving the breadth of derivation, a chosen time stings equally. new moan when astonished, thing tilling the aspirated field. these may enchant asking price, but over the falls.

not so languidly but that the endlessness foresees. nowadays, if you leave, that's it. no one roaming has chastened so effectively, but the maddened red dawn, scope as a way.

violins at a tufted moment, surely renown has merit but, oh loveliness, so foreign. when it is just motets, or popped fantasy, the mayoral race, oh my, lofts or preen. later, stealing away, only never so safe. this couple hands it to anyone. walking by the river, see, till the day is done.

the winter, then, now, but what else. not so bad, if mixed. the illuminated cant undertake next to nothing. there is forage, luckily, and trips to haystacks. that privacy will open. not much else, but why weight.

one goes there, satisfied, and it's a strange text. not language per se, but after all. never all dilation, so human. these vantages, expressed as toll. in effect, human, as asking price or farm. now daily, now not so. left as is. wishing out.



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