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Issue #159: Spring 2007

     Audrey Petty - Housekeeping
     Richard Lyons - A Blues Too Late for Dolphy, 1928-1964
                                    - Studies for a Portrait of a Father and Son
     Pamela Gemin - Dean Walters' Dream
                                    - Lucinda's Voice
     Cindy E. King - Nose in Situ
     Jan Beatty - The Long White
     Jeffrey Ethan Lee - 900-year-old winter moccasins/
                                            reflections after the facts
     Amisha Patel - Dream of the Sea of Faces
                                    Where There is No Peace
     Charles Harper Webb - Rolling Baba
     Diane Reynolds - Saving Daylight
     Bruce Cohen - Hidden Costs
     Sara Burge - Mirror Ball
     Douglas Woody Woodsum - Sobriety: The Current State
     Paul Hostovsky - Sighted Guide Technique
     Noah Michelson - In My Next Life
                                        - Self-Help
                                        - Valentine
     Jason Roush - Hungerford Bridge
                                - Seven Dials
     Martha Kapos - Candle
                                   - A Mind of Winter
     C.L. Dallat - Cyclops
                           - Noli-Me Tangere
                           - In Paradisum
     Mong-Lan - Love Poem to Broccoli
                           - Love Poem to Green Tea
                           - Love Poem to Shitake Mushroom
     Stefanie Wortman - Surrender
     Peter Alvarez - The Cuban Whistle Crisis
     Brock Guthrie - The Cherub
     Jim Goar - A love letter one-hundred (plus) years too late
     Diane Seuss - Fathoms 

     Robin Romm - Where Nothing Is
     Don Waters - Holiday at the Shamrock
     Jeff Cretan - A Rush and a Push

     Joe Oestreich - The Low Season
     Deborah A. Lott - Nature Lessons

     Brooke Olivares - Five Men

Contributor's Notes

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