The 2006 Crazyhorse Prize Winners:
$2000 each and publication in Crazyhorse.

We’re pleased and excited to disclose this year’s judges:

Fiction judge
Dan Chaon

Poetry judge
Dean Young

And we’re very pleased and excited to announce that, after much deliberation over this year’s exceptionally fine entries, they have chosen these winners for the Crazyhorse Fiction Prize and the Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Prize:

Fiction Winner: Steve Mitchel
for the story “Dog People”

Fiction finalists: Andrew McCuaig, Daniel Menely, John Tait, Walter Wetherell, Ann Joslin Williams, and Michael Yang.

Poetry Winner: Kerri Webster
for the poem “If We Are Pretty Ghosts. Hammered In”

Poetry finalists: Jennifer Chapis, Charlie Clark, Chard deNiord, Rebecca Dunham, Gail Giewont, Nicole Gottuso, Rae Gouirand, Lynn Martin, Debra Nystrom, Sara Pennington, Joshua Poteat, Carol Potter, Elizabeth Sanger, Eva Saulitis, and Robin Beth Schaer.

The two prize winners will each receive $2,000 and the winning story and poem will be published in Crazyhorse Number 70, due out Nov. 1, 2006.

2005 Crazyhorse Prize Winners, published in Crazyhorse Number 68, Fall 2005

Fiction judge: T. M. McNally
Poetry judge: Albert Goldbarth

Fiction Winner
Sean Aden Lovelace
for the story “John McEnroe Visits Seven Months”

Poetry Winner
Cameron K. Gearen
for the poem “Right to Remain”

2004 Crazyhorse Prize Winners, published in Crazyhorse Number 66, Fall 2004

Fiction judge: Diana Abu-Jaber
Poetry judge: Nance Van Winckel

Fiction Winner:
Garnett Kilberg Cohen
for the story “Second Sight ”

Poetry Winner:
Angie DeCola
for the poem “Order and Progress in the Man-made World”

2003 Crazyhorse Prize Winners, published in Crazyhorse Number 64, Fall 2003

Fiction judge: Michael Martone
Nonfiction judge: Michael Martone
Poetry judge: Dara Wier

Fiction Winner:
CB Anderson
for the story “A Brief History of the Sea”

Nonfiction Winner:
Melodie Edwards
for the essay "A Lament for My Jacobson's Organ"

Poetry Winner:
Lilly Roberts
for the poem “Portrait on the Interior”

2002 Crazyhorse Prize Winners, published in Crazyhorse Number 62, Fall 2002

Fiction judge: Charles Baxter
Poetry judge: Mary Ruefle

Fiction Winner:
Anthony Varallo
for the story “Sunday Wash”

Poetry Winner:
Nathan Hoks
for the poems “Cicadas And," "The Distraction of Wonder," and "To His Mistress Going to Bed"