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Crazyhorse Number 69


Issue Number 69 Interview
with Robert and Penelope Creeley, and some of his final poems.

Molly McNett’s Ruthie meets her Chloe with little sign language. Steven Schwartz’s father of a father repairs the window and takes his stand. Lorraine M. López’s falling goose sets the day in motion. John Tait: Ai! the curse of Monica Garza.

The wickedness and grace, the phrases for fable of
Vénus Khoury-Ghata translated by Marilyn Hacker, Tomaz Salamun, Christopher Davis, Cynthia Hogue, Dorothy Barresi, Albert Goldbarth, and Dean Young: “I’ll never understand the sublime / the possibility that it’s all someone’s / lying face down in the rain dream . . .”

Crazyhorse Number 68
Issue Number 68

Jeffrey Ewing’s story of Scotty, Carol, dad, the trail of gullies and missile silos.  Andrea Sáenz  Why you would want Araceli’s birthday, too.  Sean Aden Lovelace  Tatum O’Neal luvs John McEnroe: “It’s a 1970 quarter, she said. “Let’s drive to Vegas and spend it.”  And more stories.

Mark Halliday  Avast, evil hegemony! And hello, great poetry.  Or at least twelve great poems.

The darkling hymns, the negligéd stars, the great poems of Paula Bohince, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Timothy Liu, Deborah Tall, Katarzyna Borun-Jogodzinska translated by Karen Kovacik, Nance Van Winckel, Alpay Ulku, Mary Molinary, David Wagoner, and many more.

Crazyhorse Number 67
Issue Number 67

Maria Hummel’s story of father and child bombed in Germany.
Adam Schuitema’s hero tries to stop a kidnapping.
Anis Shivani’s story wherein the grandfather just might be sincere.

Marianne Boruch on the thinky-thinky and the leapy-leapy of poetry.
Richard Katrovas wonders how love leads inevitably to karate, and vice-versa.

the scintillations and tintinnabulations of Eugénio de Andrade  John Kinsella  Adrian C. Louis  Eva Saulitis  Alexandra Teague  G. C. Waldrep  Marlys West  Dara Wier        And many more!

Crazyhorse Number 66
Issue Number 66  

Anna Baker:   He looked my boyfriend and me over. “What are you, drug dealers or something?” “No,” I said, “we’re clean and sober.” “Makes no difference.”   Garnett Kilberg Cohen:   As he slid the cards back into a pile, he told me the reading was $50, but I didn't have to pay if I thought we were going to be seeing more of each other.


Lia Purpura re-reads and falls down.   Kerry Muir on how Al Pacino calls Charlie “a tough taskmaster.”


the I-do-not-think-they-will-sing-to-me's of  Eugenio Montale, Liliana Ursu, Albert Goldbarth, Bob Hicok, Chard deNiord, and James Tate.  And much more.

Crazyhorse Number 65    
Issue Number 65  

T. M. McNally:   At the golden Hills Coutry Club, sitting in the sand trap, Howie tells Melanie that Roger stole his brother’s girlfriend . . .
Chrissy Kolaya:  Though that’s not what I told his mother.  She believes he was a hero.  That he gave me the only life vest, though the truth is, there weren’t any.  It’s best for her to believe this. . .

Amy Meissner and the family graveyard in Sweden; Kelly Madigan Erlandson upon accidents, milkweed pods, the war effort, and rehab.

the dewdrop worlds of    A.V. Christie   Dorothy Barresi   Dean Young   Nance Van Winckel   Dieter M. Graf   Marvin Bell   Leon Stokesbury   James Grinwis.    All these and many more.



Crazyhorse Number 64
Issue Number 64

The bluest and most vermillion river on our cover art by Wolf Kahn.
Nicholas Montemarano’s story of eternal possession by the entity; Keely Bowers’s story of Anna, Louis, and the secret of the universe.

Melodie Edwards’ essay, wherein she trusts her nose; David Harris Ebenbach on the perils of girlfriends, parents, and Judaism during Christmastime.

The glittering and vibration of poets John Ashbery, Jean Valentine, James McCorkle, Lilly Roberts, and Wyn Cooper.  All these and many more.