Crazyhorse Number 65    
Issue Number 65  

T. M. McNally:   At the golden Hills Coutry Club, sitting in the sand trap, Howie tells Melanie that Roger stole his brother’s girlfriend . . .
Chrissy Kolaya:  Though that’s not what I told his mother.  She believes he was a hero.  That he gave me the only life vest, though the truth is, there weren’t any.  It’s best for her to believe this. . .

Amy Meissner and the family graveyard in Sweden; Kelly Madigan Erlandson upon accidents, milkweed pods, the war effort, and rehab.

the dewdrop worlds of    A.V. Christie   Dorothy Barresi   Dean Young   Nance Van Winckel   Dieter M. Graf   Marvin Bell   Leon Stokesbury   James Grinwis.    All these and many more.



Michael P. Kardos
Lures of Last Resort
Chrissy Kolaya
Swim for the Other Side
T. M. McNally
Ryan Meany
Over and Down in a Barrel
Richard Mills
Money from Home
Kelly Madigan Erlandson
A Hundred Seeds
Amy Meissner
A Quick Turn of Soil
Dorothy Barresi
Diet Frosting
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The Last Poem
Marvin Bell
The Castle
Resolving the Cold
The Troubling
Typesetting the Odyssey
Joel Brouwer
Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window
“Red Thunder Cloud, 76, Dies, and Catawba Tongue with Him”
Rick Bursky
Ocular Triptych
A. V. Christie
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Mark Cox
After Rain
The Lion’s Share
George Eklund
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Essay on Ars Poetica
Assemblage on Ed, His Boat, and His Wife
Narration after the Last Freeze
Dieter M. Gräf
Union Station, Los Angeles
translated by Andrew Shields
James Grinwis
Nathan Hoks
Zero Visibility
Praise and Elevation
I Love Lupe
Susan Hutton
Another Note
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Is More Than
Paul Mariani
Solar Ice
Ferry Crossing
Wayne Miller
My Apartment as a Diorama
Lawn Chair Meditation (V)
From the Porch
Steve Price
Postal Chess
Eve Shopin, 57, partner in famous quirky Village eatery
Philip Schultz
Leon Stokesbury
The Day Kennedy Died
Nance Van Winckel
Channel of Sighs
Point of Entry, Point of Exit
Richard Wollman
All in the Mind
Better Light
Dean Young
Mortal Coil
Lives of the Hallucinators
Self-Medicated Tour of the Sunset District