Crazyhorse Number 66
Issue Number 66  

Anna Baker:   He looked my boyfriend and me over. “What are you, drug dealers or something?” “No,” I said, “we’re clean and sober.” “Makes no difference.”   Garnett Kilberg Cohen:   As he slid the cards back into a pile, he told me the reading was $50, but I didn't have to pay if I thought we were going to be seeing more of each other.


Lia Purpura re-reads and falls down.   Kerry Muir on how Al Pacino calls Charlie “a tough taskmaster.”


the I-do-not-think-they-will-sing-to-me's of  Eugenio Montale, Liliana Ursu, Albert Goldbarth, Bob Hicok, Chard deNiord, and James Tate.  And much more.

Anna Baker
Postcard Sky
Scott Hughes
Old Bones
Garnett Kilberg Cohen
Second Sight
Teresa Milbrodt
Stephen Tuttle
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The Funambulist
Anthony Varallo
A Dictionary of Saints
Kerry Muir
Charlie, Now and Then
Lia Purpura
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The Pin
Falling Houses: Mise-en-scène
Simeon Berry
Chemotherapy Omnibus
Paula Cisewski
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Common Prayer
Angie DeCola
Order and Progress in the Man-made World
Chard deNiord
The Metaphysics of Husbandry
The Sting
Ryan Flaherty
With Adamine in Italy
You Lyric
Albert Goldbarth
“The famous Catalan Atlas of 1375 . . . .
Maybe This Explains (containing two stories)
Kevin Goodan
For Llamas
Theories of Implication
Mark Halliday
Google Me Soon
James Haug
Bob Hicok
The hitchkiker
Rescue animals
David Ingle
Blue in Radom
Charles M. Israel, Jr.
Spring and Winter, Coeval
Anthony Lacavaro
Along the Atlantic
Botanists Who Feel Excluded Rejoice
Sean McDonnell
Gerhard Richter
Mark Rothko
Eugenio Montale
translated by Susan Thomas
La bufera
Casa sul mare
Joshua Poteat
From the 1941 Catalogue of Dover Books
Darcy Shargo
Learning Russian
Katherine Soniat
Twilight with Saint Francis
James Tate
God’s Country
The Loser
The Beetle So Far from Home
Kate Umans
Monologue of the Debtor
Liliana Ursu
translated by the poet, Adam J. Sorkin,
Poem cu usa albastra
and Tess Gallagher
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