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And now, the millennial issue of Del Sol Review at Web Del Sol.

Here, WDS puzzles together an uneasy party of heavyweight and debutante writers to expose the trenchant, the Y2K-compliant, the trying and the soothing.

All this in an impossible effort to serve readers' interests.

Your part in the mission? To read and respond. Email Web Del Sol  with your tirades and schmooz notes.


 Michael Neff

 Associate Poetry

 Joan Houlihan
 Anthony Lombardy
 Shoshanna Wingate

 Associate Fiction

 Paul Beckman
 David Berg-Seiter
 Rachel Callaghan
 Vince Montague

 Contributing Editors:
 Walt Cummins
 Peter Johnson
 Gary Lutz
 William Slaughter
 John Tranter
 Richard Zenith


Issue Number 3:
featuring Mark Jarman, Lucie Brock-Broido, Lisa Jarnot, Darrell Spencer, Susan Terris, Leslie Scalapino, Terri Witek, David Moolten, Christine Schutt, Charles Bernstein, Rhina Espaillat, and many more.

Issue Number 2:
featuring Joan Houlihan, Diana Abu-Jaber, Denise Duhamel, Scott Adler, Martha Cerda, Walt Cummins, Margot Schilpp, Maria Velho da Costa, Diane Williams, Daryl Scroggins, the Creative Non-Quictioneers, and many more.

Issue Number 1:
featuring Michael Bugeja, Dorriane Laux, Robert Kelly, Maria Terrone, Forrest Gander, Elaine Equi, Martine Bellen, Diane Wald, Robley Wilson, Robert Hill Long, and many more.

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