THE 2002

Sooted facelines, men in silver wigs, food staring back, and little hearts of polished green.

Welcome to our double-or-nothing issue of fat chances, kidney robbery and other twists of survival.

Of all the writers and magazines Web del Sol plays host to, Del Sol Review is our own; an indulgent street corner in the WDS neighborhood where we publish the lit we like--the best money can't buy.

To this end we choose to solicit writers and poets who make our hearts arrhythmic.

Del Sol Review publishes the best work available anywhere, and only the best work. We do not engage in politics that harm the content of the publication, or publish inferior work simply because a "name" tag comes attached. We do not publish writers because of their connections to us or anyone else. We reject such activities as harmful to the art. We publish a new issue only when we deem it ready.

  - Michael Neff


 Michael Neff

 Senior Poetry Editor
 Joan Houlihan

 Associate Poetry Editor
 Allyson Shaw

 Senior Fiction Editor
 David Berg-Seiter

 Associate Fiction Editor
 Vince Montague

 Contributing Editors:
 Paul Beckman
 Rachel Callaghan
 Walt Cummins
 Peter Johnson
 Tom Kennedy
 Gary Lutz
 William Slaughter
 John Tranter
 Richard Zenith
 Richard Zimler

Web Editor