Work In Progress / Work In Print

The Work-In-Progress / Work-In-Print collection consists of excerpts from projects under development. Typically, the featured Work-In-Progress shares some quality with its companion Work-In-Print. Work-In-Print is selected from prose published at least a century ago and still in print. Ranging from Homer to Chehkov, the common denominator of such work is readability combined with the point of view of an extraordinary writer.

If you've work in progress and wish to submit a maximum of 3500 words for publication in this section of IPR, please see submission guidelines.

One Insular Tahiti   Thea Atkinson

Wonks   William Reese Hamilton
A Tale of Two Cities   Charles Dickens

Cairo, 1990 - 1994   Steve Street
Voyage en Égypte   Gustave Flaubert

Jane Eyre   Charlotte Brontë

Disciple of the Masses   Xujun Eberlein
Walden  Henry David Thoreau

The Sound of Butterflies   Rachael King
The Naturalist . . .   Henry Walter Bates

"Boule de Suif"  Guy deMaupassant

Virginia  Shelley Berc

Zinka  Natasha Grinberg
Anna Karenina  Leo Tolstoy

 Terri Brown-Davidson
"Ward Number Six"  Anton Chekhov

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