Brunnenburg Castle, Italy
July 2 - July 28, 2004
Dates are subject to change

Brunnenburg Castle, Merano, Italy

The University of New Orleans is pleased to offer the rare opportunity to study the works of Ezra Pound, one of the 20th Century's most influential, innovative and controversial poets. Additionally, a creative poetry writing workshop will be offered. The Brunnenburg Castle in Northern Italy served as Pound's residence during his later years and is currently the home of his grandson, Dr. Siegfried de Rachewiltz.


  • An intensive study of Pound's works.
  • Lectures by Pound's daughter, Mary de Rachewiltz.
  • Access to the extensive Pound archives.
  • Creative poetry writing workshop and tutorials.
  • Program under the direction of Dr. John Gery.
  • Three weeks in a medieval castle compound in the Italian Alps.

About Brunnenburg

"The massive land is restless. Subterranean water jets and pours down hillsides. Springs gave a name to one castle built in 1244 on Roman foundations located above a sheer drop where the valley widens: the Castle at the Well, Castel Fontana, Schloss Brunnenburg . . .

Brunnenburg, with vine terraces on its slopes and a family in its farmhouse to work its modest lands, occupied in the 1950's by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, an Italian Egyptologist . . . His correspondence with Ezra Pound commenced because he had married Pound's daughter. And Brunnenburg, in July 1958, was the poet's place of return from his Washington exile. He was installed in the tower room below the top one; the archives came up from Rapallo; the Gaudier sketch went on the wall; the Gaudier head was carried by strong men into the garden; he made chairs, shelves, a long table; he set to work on the final typescript of Thrones; he drafted bits for the last run of Cantos. . . . He felt good, he estimated, for 20 more years. "At last I have found a setting."

          From The Pound Era by Hugh Kenner

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John Gery

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