New Career-Launch Workshops

Unlike any other low residency MFA programs, UNO now offers students the unique opportunity to become published in quality literary magazines. Anyone familiar with the literary world will tell you that publication is all important to a successful career in the literary arts and that first publication is very difficult. We understand the harsh realities of this process and have made arrangements to prepare and publish our students even before they graduate.

Beginning in Fall, 2003, all future UNO Low Residency MFA students who enroll in courses after contacting us via this website will be able to take a customized online literary workshop offered by Algonkian Workshops at WebdelSol.Com, and at no extra cost to the student. The workshops will not only assist UNO low residency students in the creation of publishable work, but actually provide them with significant and repeated opportunities to get published. Each student will be allowed to choose one workshop in the literary art of their preference (see list below). Workshop instructors will edit and coach students in the realities of the publishing world.

Select student work will be published in an ongoing series of best student work sponsored by UNO and WebdelSol.Com, and in addition, upon completion of the workshop, also be presented to magazine editors at quality print and electronic magazines at WebdelSol.Com, the goal being to publish as much quality work by UNO students as possible. Also, promising novel manuscripts will be presented to name agents connected to WebdelSol.Com for possible publication. Agencies currently working with WebdelSol.Com include Trident Media, Graybill and English, William Morris, Erin Reel Agency, Amster Literary, and others.

Workshop features as follows:

  • Length: four weeks.
  • Type: short fiction, screenplay, poetry, creative non-fiction, and novel.
  • Emphasis on ms editing, as well as developing style/voice, and structure.
  • Personalized coaching and facts about the realites of the publishing world.
  • Goal: students develop a work that will be published.
  • Method: stage-by-stage ms/script consultation, line editing.
  • Two reputable and/or "name" professionals in each workshop to fill the roles of primary workshop instructor and either visiting agent, visiting writer, or editor-in-residence.

New Student Internships

As a bonus, and via arrangement with WebdelSol.Com, UNO will provide low residency MFA students with invaluable experience in learning the realities of the publication process from within the belly of the publication itself. Student internships will be available each semester with quality literary magazines at WebdelSol.Com (assistant editorial/managing editor positions, readers, etc.).

If you wish to enroll in courses, apply for the program, or simply contact us to learn more about our low residency MFA, click here.

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