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Potion 1

Archambeau, Robert
Experimental Researches on the Irrational Embellishment of Chicago

The Road Beckons

Lantz, Susan
The Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need

Mazza, Cris

Miltner, Robert
Three Poems

O'Dea, Traci Elder
My Neighbor Put Summer Out With the Trash

Olsen, Lance
nietzsche's kisses

Potion 2

Cordelli, Phil and Shimoda, Brandon
While You Were Wandering

Dodge, Trevor
Dear Michael Alig

Edgeington, Kelly

Gatza, Geoffrey
Snoopy and the Red Baron

Liu, Timothy
Three Poems

Pelton, Ted

White, Derek
Terminal Moraine

Wright, Terry
Fractal Cut-Ups

Potion 3

Addiego, Erin
man on street

Cook, Juliet
Two Poems

Diemont, Deborah
Two Short Stories

Hopkins, Violet
Two Poems

Moore, Walter
Welcome to My Van

Peabody, Richard
Use As Needed

Riekki, Ron
Novel Chapter

Ruggiero, Cheryl
A Boy Named Emory

Art by Bill Dunlap.
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