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We have OPENED submissions!

POTION desires poetry, fiction and any forms in between. Our editors appreciate a panoply of literary styles, as long as the writing is vigorous and intelligent: voice driven work with brains and a body to match; experimental, fractal, or otherwise self-imploding writing; high literary; and the latest narratological adventures in hypertext, Flash, and other multimedia forms, including original artwork.

In short, we desire.

POTION only accepts work via e-mail. Copy your submission into an e-mail or send as an attachment to editors(at)potionmag.org. We can open most Mac and PC word-processing documents, but please also paste your work into the body of an e-mail if possible.

For artwork and multimedia, please remember that the work will be displayed online—therefore, it should be the type of work that succeeds online. Most common file formats are fine. If the file format is unusual, query us first.

Be sure your name, phone number, and e-mail address appear on the first page of each submission. Submit no more than five poems/short shorts or one story at a time.

Art by Bill Dunlap.
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