Best of the Net
   by Mike Neff

We've looked over what's out there on the new Internet streaming media sites, and what follows is a compilation of what we consider to be some of the best. As far as we know, we're the first to do this.

The Tramp - dir. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie is a tramp on the road. When a farmer's daughter is attacked by 3 hobos, Charlie comes to her aid, and the Tramp becomes a hero. (20 minutes)

Loaves - dir. Shannan Keenan
A dark comedy about love, a not so simple murder plot, and of course, bread! A small Midwestern town has just been shaken by the bow & arrow shooting of Ice Cream Bob. But the crime seems solved when Eldon Puckett, a complex, compassionate, co-op employee confesses to the accidental shooting. (73 minutes)

Odessa - dir. Amy Lyndon
Yolanda King (Martin Luther King Jr's eldest daughter) is Odessa, a maid who comes to work for the Spinelli family in upstate New York in 1969. Odessa quickly bonds with the only child, Lisa (Brenda Grate), and together they learn to deal with desegregation, family values and forgiveness during a very turbulent time in history. (27 minutes)

Anino - dir. Raymond Red
"Anino" balances the skin-and-bones rawness of cinema verite with the polish of refined formalism. In depicting the widening gap between socioeconomic classes in the Philippines, director Raymond Red opted for a documentary style that called for his veteran Philippine actors to improvise on location and interact with real people. The result is a startling story about a down-and-out photographer who is lured into the city's heart of darkness. (13 minutes)

Journey Inside Tibet - dir. Tom Vendetti
"Journey Inside Tibet" is an extraordinary film documenting Paul Horn's and Lama Tenzin's pilgrimage into Tibet. Paul Horn, the world renowned flutest, became the first western musician to record inside the Potala Palace as well as other sacred Tibetan temples. Lama Tenzin, a Tibetan Buddhist monk now living on Maui, visited his family and homeland for the first time after 40 years. "Journey Inside Tibet" presents the viewer with this premier musical event and the touching story of Lama Tenzin's reunion with his family. Tibetan folk music, culture and fascinating scenery are part of this fabulous film. Kris Kristofferson narrates the dynamic story which was written by Gardner McKay and Nancy Vendetti. (57 minutes)


Cine-Poetry: Blackbirds - dir. George Aguilar
From David Bengtson's published piece, conveyed in the third person, this compares a family fighting at a funeral with the noise that blackbirds make when they descend upon fields of sunflowers. (4 minutes)

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