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the current state of our marriage issue
december 2002


Having run out of worthy conversation long ago, the prospect of sign language is a conflict of interest to the current state of our marriage
jonathan kessler

She’s writing the book on recounts. Recantations, remainders, the last knob of the skeleton whose hand she shakes
susan m. schultz

How to understand liquids from sand what happened in the chain we are separated from each other
michael basinski

This clarity might include what became of my body, or certain parts of a world made of worlds in between
david mclendon

more so ever I do not never do I very much ever sleep here
kathryn rantala

I keep having urges to send you these strange pairs of found things I keep meaning to send to my father. The stout Fire-King coffee cups in their pristine jadeite splendor. The thirty-year-old Hercules-brand batteries, made by Union Carbide
magdalen powers

A a new powerful spiral of the arm$ race* who questioned the wisdom of proceeding with a missile defense itself acknowledged it willn’t work system
alicia askenase

What is mastery? What is a dream factory?
catherine daly

 I was always hovering around bookshelves. It made me feel prepared for conversation. I couldn't remember her name. It was Jule-something. Julianne, Juliette, Julee
kevin sampsell

sound a link to the past re re recorded over a vinyl pastiche of the omni present future
ivan arguelles

One feather or the tip of a feather hinting to be the color of God
tanja sofia krupa

Tanzan wrote sixty e-mails on the last day of his life. Then he passed away. The e-mails read: I am departing from this world. Yahoo!
mike topp

String principle likely the matter of what interests a sestina
chris pusateri

What was wrong with me, I concluded, was that my ass was all fucked up. That's exactly what I told people. I have a fucked-up ass
mark o'neil

ecstacy hole to ha/ppened there there mission camou/flagence brakes of pivotin t and
jukka-pekka kervinen

Often, he dreamed of a woman, always the same woman—dark hair, dark eyes, a loose white dress showing the tops of her breasts. He desired her with an abandonment he did not know when awake
norman lock