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What Makes Algonkian Better Than Rival Academic and Corporate Organizations Offering Literary Workshops and Creative Writing Classes Online?

"The online workshops at Algonkian are among the most rigorous and comprehensive of any I've seen, and that is exactly why the University of New Orleans chose Algonkian to supplement its low residency MFA program. It's also the only online program that actually gets its students published."

    - William Lavendar
       Director and Coordinator
       UNO Low Residency MFA Program

It's easy to answer the title question above. We surpass our competition quality-wise by providing superior faculty (seasoned editors, agents, and writers) and instructional materials--the latter developed around a model-and-context teaching method (pioneered by Algonkian) whereby each writer creates a work-in-progress and applies craft technique in successive stages. Also, since we don't believe in students engaging in the line editing of other students, a professional fiction editor leads each workshop.

Unlike the competition, we limit our creative writing classes to no more than ten students, include not one but two writing professionals in each shop, and as a bonus, we actually get student work placed in quality publications.

In summary:

At Least Two Professionals Per Workshop

Classes Reviewed by Professional Fiction Editor

Student Work Published in Quality Literary Magazines

Higher Teacher-to-Student Ratios

Model-and-Context Teaching Method

The Ability to Network With A Top-Flight Agent

Though we accept beginning students into our shops, we only take those who indicate they are serious about learning creative writing. Therefore, before you fill out an application form, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our philosophy, method, author list, and syllabi. Tell us how we can help you. Our aim is to provide the writer with the support, contacts, technique, and experimentation environment she or he needs to begin writing superb, competitive fiction.


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