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  Verse Anthologies
  The Oxford Book of English Verse. 1919
  The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse. 1917
  The Oxford Book of Ballads. 1910
  The Oxford Book of Australasian Verse. 1918
  The Oxford Book of French Verse. 1920
  An American Anthology. 1900.
  Yale Book of American Verse. 1919
  Modern American Poetry. 1919
  Modern British Poetry. 1920
  Anthology of Irish Verse. 1920
  Lyrics & Poems of the 17th C.1921
  The Golden Treasury.1921
  English Poetry I: Chaucer to Gray. 1909–14.
  English Poetry II: Collins to Fitzgerald. 1909–14.
  English Poetry III: Tennyson to Whitman. 1909–14.
  Hymns of the Christian Church. 1909–14.

  Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of Peasantry England 
  A Treasury of War Poems 1917
  The Bookman Anthology of Verse 1922
  Georgian Poetry 1911-1912
  Georgian Poetry 1913-1915
  Georgian poetry 1916-1917
  Some Imagist Poets 1915

  Volumes (Poetry Collections)
  Brooke, Rupert. 1916. Collected Poems.
  Burns, Robert. 1909–14. Poems and Songs.
  Chapman, George, trans. 1857. The Odysseys of Homer
  Dante Alighieri. 1909–14. The Divine Comedy.
  Dickinson, Emily. 1924. Complete Poems.
  Eliot, T.S. 1917. Prufrock and Other Observations.
  Eliot, T.S. 1920. Poems.
  Eliot, T.S. 1922. The Waste Land.
  Frost, Robert. 1915. A Boy’s Will.
  Frost, Robert. 1915. North of Boston.
  Frost, Robert. 1920. Mountain Interval.
  Frost, Robert. 1920. Miscellaneous Poems.
  Graves, Robert. 1918. Fairies and Fusiliers.
  Hardy, Thomas. 1898. Wessex Poems & Other Verses.
  Hopkins, G.M. 1918. Poems.
  Housman, A.E. 1896. A Shropshire Lad.
  Keats, John. 1884. Poetical Works.
  Lawrence, D.H. 1916. Amores.
  Lawrence, D.H. 1916. New Poems.
  Masters, Edgar Lee. 1916. Spoon River Anthology.
  Millay, Edna St. Vincent. 1917. Renascence
  Milton, John. 1909–14. Complete Poems Written in English.
  Robinson, Edwin Arlington. 1921. Collected Poems.
  Russell, George William. 1913. Collected Poems by A.E.
  Sandburg, Carl. 1916. Chicago Poems.
  Sandburg, Carl. 1918. Cornhuskers.
  Sandburg, Carl. 1920. Smoke and Steel.
  Sassoon, Siegfried. 1918. The Old Huntsman
  Sassoon, Siegfried. 1918. Counter-Attack.
  Sassoon, Siegfried. 1920. Picture-Show.
  Shakespeare, William. 1914. The Oxford Shakespeare.
  Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 1901. Complete Poetical Works.
  Stein, Gertrude. 1914. Tender Buttons.
  Stevenson, Robert Louis. 1913. A Child’s Garden of Verses.
  Vergil. 1909–14. Æneid.
  Whitman, Walt. 1900. Leaves of Grass.
  Wilde, Oscar. 1881. Poems.
  Wordsworth, William. 1888. Complete Poetical Works.
  Yeats, William Butler. 1899. The Wind Among the Reeds.
  Yeats, William Butler. 1916. Responsibilities
  Yeats, William Butler. 1919. The Wild Swans at Coole.

  Volumes (Plays, Epics, Misc.) 
  Aeschylus. Agamemnon.
  Aeschylus. The Libation-Bearers.
  Aeschylus. The Furies.
  Aeschylus. Prometheus Bound.
  Æsop.       Fables.
  Byron, Lord.    Manfred.
  Dryden, John. All for Love.
  Euripides.       The Bacchæ.
  Euripides.       Hippolytus.
  Goethe, J. W. Faust, Part I.
  Homer.      The Odyssey.
  Lamb, Charles and Mary. Tales from Shakespeare.
  Marlowe, ChristopherDr. Faustus.
  Marlowe, ChristopherEdward the Second.
  Racine, Jean. Phædra.
  Shakespeare, WilliamThe Oxford Shakespeare.
  Shelley, Percy ByssheThe Cenci.
  SophoclesOedipus the King.
  Synge, J.M. The Playboy of the Western World.
  Non-Fiction Anthologies
  The Harvard Classics (50 vols.).
  American Historical Documents
  English Essays from Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay
  Essays: English and American
  Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
  Literary and Philosophical Essays
  The Oxford Book of American Essays.
  Modern Essays.
  Non-Fiction Volumes 
  Eliot, T.S. The Sacred Wood.
  Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Essays and English Traits.
  Walton, Izaak. The Lives of Donne and Herbert.
  Whitman, Walt. Prose Works


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