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Issue #148: Summer 2004

     Shane Book - Litost: a style manual
     Veronica Patterson - The Price
     Lavonne J. Adams - Distant
     James Grinwis - The History of Pigments
     James Doyle - Two Poems
     Don Russ - Lunacy
     Simon Perchik - *
     Mike Dockins - The Cockroach Chronicles
     Diane Festa - The Separation
     Shawn Pittard - Geese
     Iván Oñate (translated by Juan Carlos Galeano and
          James Kimbrell - Three Poems
     Gay Baines - Late Summer, Western New York
     David Francis - Specialist Animals
     Patrick Hicks - Second Wind
     Todd Balazic - Two Poems
     Ginny Grimsley - The Mathematician's Wife
     Annie Lighthart - When Sleep Dissolves the Body
     Ellen Doré Watson - Those Petals
     Bobby C. Rogers - A Student's Notes: Marseilles,
                                          Christmas 1986
     Ava Leavell Haymon - Conjugal Love Poem                                          

     Jill Talbot - My Grandmother's Flowers
     James Wagner - The Butter

     Matthew Duffus - Bachelors
     Harmon Smith - The Way It Was Then
     Valerie Fioravanti - Permanence
     Maria Hummel - Balloon Man
     Edward O'Connell - Visitation
     Karen Auvinen - My Mother's Last Car

Front and Back Cover 
     Claudio Parentela 

Contributor's Notes

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