Several of the poems in Older Men are from Untold Stories (Port Townsend: Empty Bowl, 1990) which is not out of print but is increasingly difficult to find. Acknowledgments to the magazines in which they originally appeared—Cafe At St. Mark’s (Anhinga Press), Frank (France), Galley Sail Review, Minnesota Review, Passaic Review, Poetry Australia, Sparrow, Word & Image (Netherlands)—can be found there. Andrei Codrescu published “Lines Written on the Charles Bridge in Another Prague Spring” and “Dear Franz” in Exquisite Corpse, and Garrison Keillor read “Lao-Tse in Indiana” on Writer’s Almanac (National Public Radio). “Lao-Tse in Indiana” was also reprinted in The Politics of My Heart (New York: Pleasure Boat Studio, 1996). Chagall’s painting The Poet, or Half Past-Three, reproduced here, is in the Walter Arensberg collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Copies of Untold Stories and The Politics Of My Heart are available from the author ( and bookstores online. The photograph of the author was taken by Amy Slaughter in Central Park, New York.

Older Men