"...the heat assumesthe shape of a familiar--a turtle, say, or a heron."

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Julia Connor

Ruth Daigon

David Humphreys

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Walt McDonald

Jo McDougall

Jo McDougall

At Frog's Trailer Court

The 3 p.m. August heat
seeps under the cars,
whipping the dogs,
baking the trailers
like loaves of bread.

A woman using the park's public phone,
wipes away the weary sweat,
fixing her eyes on a spot just above the asphalt
where for her, perhaps, the heat assumes
the shape of a familiar--a turtle, say, or a heron.
The heron might be blue,
standing in cool water.


The Guest

As if he lived here

Grief walks into my room,

plumping a pillow,

adjusting a lampshade.

He sits down.

He puts his feet

on the ottoman.