Perigee - the point in a celestial body's orbit when it is closest to the earth (or sun or to another planet) - seemed an apt metaphor, as awareness of each of the sites/individuals chosen is perceived by Perihelion and Web Del Sol to be essential for any poet entering the universe of online poetry.

Awarded by Perihelion
and Web Del Sol

The first winners of the Perigee award are:

- Best Online Literary Magazine produced by a university student:

     Editor, C.K. Tower

- Best Moderated BBS Poetry Forum:

     The Gazebo

- Best New Poetry Concept Site:

     The Periodic Table of Poetry

- Best New Online Editorial Presence:

     Jamie Wasserman
     Co-Founder of The Melic Review
     Editor of Octavo

- Best Resource for Writers:

     Word of the Day



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