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  • Fine literature of all sorts, available online and in a print edition published twice a year.

  • Yet another high-quality, high-class, high-malt Web Del Sol journal, 5_Trope provides a bevy of good literature and art, decked out all pretty and what-not.

Not only does Absinthe consistently produce quality poetry, fiction, and what-not, but the site is very well-designed, with the worlds of literature and art colliding in a most pleasing, dynamic fashion.

  • The Adirondack Review

    From the mouth of the Adirondack itself: "The Adirondack Review is an on-line literary journal dedicated to publishing quality poetry, fiction, artwork, and photography. We also publish French and German translations. We are very open to unpublished poets and writers of short stories. Our only requirement is excellence. We seek to provide our readers with engaging, original work that offers them a view into another human being's soul, if only for a brief moment."

Always visually pleasing, with high quality art, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. It's sister site,Vowel Movement, contains similar high-quality, recommended fare.

  • Giving a voice to hard-working people, offering a wide variety of poems, stories, and essays sure to please, no matter what color your collar.

  • "The Cafe Irreal is a semiannual webzine that presents a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English. This fiction, which we would describe as "irreal," resembles the work of writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Luisa Valenzuela and Jorge Luis Borges."

  • "Sit your bag o' bones down, put your feet up, and listen here. We are asking you to join in and take part in this experience. You might be asking yourself what we want from you, but we'd rather look at this as what we want for you. As you peruse these pages, feast your eyes on the visual arts, feed the mound of membrane that rests inside your dome with our written offerings in poetry, fiction, essays, and yes, the occasional nonsense."

  • Not only do you get some damn fine music reviews, but some damn fine short stories and poetry, in the Word Riot section.

  • Don't listen to us, listen to the oracle:

    "deep cleveland junkmail oracle was founded in the literary spirit of the late, legendary cleveland outlaw poet d.a. levy, and to fulfill the vow he made in 1967 to the home town that both inspired & persecuted him: "in the days unborn you will find my brothers ARMED with words you havent even dreamed of." this site will be updated quarterly, or more frequently if we damn well feel like it."

A highly recommended site that is dedicated to "cross-pollination and interactivity, showcasing the best practitioners of prose, poetry, criticism, translation, photography, hypertext, sound, video and digital art."

Appealing mixture of art and literature, visually striking, with an interesting design and layout.

Interesting, uniquely-formatted journal which provides a bevy of fiction, poetry, and assorted literary odds and ends, including hand made, limited edition books.

  • Eyeshot

    Launched in August 1999, "Eyeshot.net is litter for the ill and literate, or if you prefer: "illiterati illumina." Go read it, now. Just do it.

Andrei Codrescu's sprawling site, filled with all sorts of literary things. Best digested in small chunks, this site is chock-full of all things literary and good.

  • failbetter

    Good clean literate fun, with high-quality poetry, fiction, essays, and author interviews
  • flashquake

    All sorts of fine flash fiction and poetry, beautifully packaged, with photos and artwork, to boot.
  • "Haypenny is a regularly updated electronic journal of write-y stuff. Content is written by the editors of Haypenny, their friends, as well as outside contributors. So, essentially content is written by anyone--even you.

    Now that the purpose of Haypenny is clear, one might ask who exactly these so-called editors are, to which the editors of Haypenny would respond "We assure you that, despite what the mainstream media says, we are not the ghost of U2 guitarist, The Edge. The Edge might very well be alive and well, and the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves."
  • Insolent Rudder

    Quality purveyors of "furiously fresh flash fiction" that defines itself through content, voice, and character.
  • Visually pleasing, monkey-filled journal, brimming over with all sorts of literary goodness, including poetry, short fiction, art, and non-fiction. Published by Ravenna Press approximately three times per year; two print issues, one on-line if so inspired.

  • From the Small Spiral Notebook itself: "We are NOT about: politics, narcissism, rattling off book lists to sound intelligent, mean rejection letters, bragging about your mfa programs...we do not care...we will accept any writer that has a strong narrative, evocative imagery, a character that develops and perhaps has a journey...."

  • Cleanly designed, and brimming over with fresh, malty content of all sort, offering new content each and every day. From the mouth of Moses: "Sweet Fancy Moses is an online journal of wit. It speaks loudly and longs for you to talk back."

  • Not only refreshing in style and theme (not to mention filled with original, striking fiction from new, emerging writers) but also in its designed purpose to "help revive fiction by making it pay more attention to the spoken word rather than the artifice of mediocre literature, that peep show where stereotypes, belabored similes, overt symbolism, cliches, pat phrases, and standard written english creep about."