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  Barbara Nicolosi interviewed by Bob Morris

Barbara Nicolosi is the founder of Act One, a non-profit organization that works with screenwriters who are interested in writing values-based works for film and television. Act One's faculty and speakers have included some of Hollywood's best known writers and producers, including Randall Wallace (Braveheart) and Barbara Hall (Joan of Arcadia. ). [more]

  Michael Ray Brown interviewed by Mike Neff

Michael Ray Brown has seen it all. As a production executive, story analyst and screenwriter, Brown has helped to move forward some legendary films. He even has the scars to prove it. Michael tells us what it's really like to work in development hell. [more]

  Rob Nilsson interviewed by Don Thompson

Rob Nilsson is an internationally-acclaimed filmmaker who was on the digital forefront long before the word "Dogme" had anything but religious significance. Rob talks about how he came to be a filmmaker, befriended Cassavetes, and won major awards at both Cannes and Sundance.   [more]

  Kayoko Mitsumatsu interviewed by Michael Neff

Kayoko Mitsumatsu is one person in the film industry who hasn't yet lost their soul. Mike Neff talks to Kayoko about what it means to make "heroic" documentaries about human issues -- and maybe some of us can learn a thing or two as a result. [more]

  Steven Fisher interviewed by Michael Neff

Steven Fisher is an agent with the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) in Los Angeles. His client list includes award-winning authors such as Dorothy Allison, Robert Stone and Arthur C. Clarke, among many others. Steven talks about his experiences working with some of the world's top writers.  [more]

  John Gilstrap interviewed by Bob Morris

John Gilstrap, best-selling author and screenwriter of such films as Red Dragon, talks with Bob Morris about how he broke into screenwriting, and yet still managed to avoid the perils of Hollywood. [more]

  Kari Skogland interviewed by Michael Neff

Kari Skogland, named of the "top 10 directors to watch" by the Hollywood Reporter, talks with Mike Neff about her experiences as a female director in a male-dominated film culture, as well as her recent film Liberty Stands Still. [more]

 Todd Gitlin interviewed by Don Thompson

Todd Gitlin, Professor of Sociology and Journalism at Columbia University, talks with SolPix co-founder Don Thompson about media overload and issues surrounding the modern media torrent.[more]

  Peter Block interviewed by Michael Neff

Peter Block, President of Home Entertainment, Acquisitions and New Media for Lions Gate Entertainment, talks with SolPix co-founder Michael Neff about such matters as creative vision and lit/film fusion. Interesting history on the "Monsters Ball" script plus new revelations on CinemaNow projects and upcoming films with Dustin Hoffman and others.[more]

  Laura Hillenbrand interviewed by Michael Neff

Laura Hillenbrand, author of the acclaimed book, "Seabiscuit," reveals the drama between concept and final product. Overall, it's almost a Cinderella story. The advent of agents and Hollywood took Laura by storm. "Seabiscuit," soon to be a film by Universal, stars Jeff Bridges and Toby McGuire (who isn't allowed to ride a horse cause he's Spiderman) [more]

  Ron McCullagh interviewed by Don Thompson

Ron McCullagh, founder Insight News Television, talks with Don Thompson about making documentaries on the edge. Find out how Ron and company have turned heads and won Emmy awards for powerful, straight shooting journalism (yes it is possible). [more]

 Kenneth Atchity interviewed by Michael Neff

An interview with one of the most potent and writer-friendly agent/producers in Hollywood today, Kenneth Atchity. Mr. A not only produces films and represents screenwriters, but he also agents for literary authors. Kenneth mixes pragmatics, energy, and ambition into one inescapable conclusion.[more]

 Ray Carney interviewed by Shelley Friedman

An Interview with Ray Carney about Art, Life, Hollywood, and How to Make a Fortune in Real Estate Author, media critic, and internationally reknowned expert on independent film, Ray Carney is up to something. And we want you to know what. Be advised: rated NC-17 for truth telling. [more]

 Don Thompson inteviewed by Michael Neff

Don Thompson, SolPix co-founder, talks with Mike Neff about his film CLOUDS and his take on independent filmmaking in the age of BLADE II. [more]

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