Topic is our go at revitalizing public writing. We tackle one theme at a time. We have no staff writers. Instead, we discover the widest range of thinkers and doers on any given subject. We take the people you read about, and have them contribute themselves. Better yet, we find the people you haven't read about and never would. We have no hang-ups about where the writing comes from so long as it fulfills our mission: to provoke thought and expand the variety of voices currently in print. There aren't many places where you'll see a Nobel Prize Winner trading lines with a male prostitute from the streets of Prague. Amidst stale dialogues by the same old crew of pundits, thinkers, movers and sometimes shakers, Topic is a whole new bag.

Topic Magazine
Issue 1 | Summer 2002

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Managing Editor
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Joanna Guldi &
David Haskell
Robert B. Gilpin
Mohit Bhende, Aubrey Gilbert, Hunter Keith, Thi Nguyen & Bartlomiej Szewczyk
Daniel B. Visel
Christopher Douglas
Sandra Scanlon
Mohit Bhende
Nilima Gulrajani &
Walter Rentsch
Jackson Armstrong, Arne Morteani & Sam Olofin
Geraldine Parsons, Caroline Reed & Maggie Evans
Julie Cooke
Robert R. Colvile
Shawn Cheng

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Topic is a quarterly publication started by Gates Cambridge Scholars at Cambridge University.

We accept and welcome unsolicited manuscripts. We prefer receiving all proposals and manuscripts over email. We also accept submissions at either postal address.

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